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Happy August!

Hi everyone!
First of August and a August mood sketch for today! 😃
Today I’ve used watercolor pencils( long time I didn’t use them! )

And here is Malus ,maybe in August mood too! 😁

Happy August and have a wonderful weekend dear friends😃❤️


Hi everyone!
Today’s Violet sketch is what she has collected in seaside! She has found a heart shape stone too.
I’m wonder if there were any crab or not?

” as you see, no crab, Malus! But don’t you afraid of their scissors? They may cut your long mustaches!!!😁”
“What? My dear mustaches …..noooooooo!!! ”


Autumn Sea!

Hi everyone!
Today’s Violet sketch is autumn sea. She went there with her friend to have a walk along the shore.
Autumn sea is really beautiful in sunny days as Violet is saying!
” Violet, any fish for me!!!???”

“Malus, I went for walking not fishing! But I’ve collected some beautiful shells and will draw them tomorrow😃”

Another Shell

Hi everyone !
Here is another shell sketch for today ! It’s in frame and had decorated in room now❤
Violet let me see that shell , pleeeeeesssseee!



Hi everyone!
Here is Violet today’s sketch , one of summer symbols, shell !
She has collected many for sketch !
So here is the first one❤

“Violet , how they taste ? Can I have one too? ”
” I’m sure you don’t like the taste , Malus! 😁”

Turban shell

Hi everyone!
This is Violet !
Recently I’ve got some problem in my WordPress . Some of blogs that I’m following , their new posts are not showing in my blog reader . So I have to check blogs straitly and sometimes make unfollow then again follow those blogs, hope I can get new posts! Sorry for being late to check your posts sometimes and if you know anything about this problem or any advice, appreciate to hear about that . Thank you ❤
And about my today’s drawing:
Turban shell, Hard Pastel drawing . After many years tried to draw by pastels again ! Hope you like it😃
Ah , Malus has already slept ! Maybe he will get angry to me because I get his place here!!!! 😃