Turban shell

Hi everyone!
This is Violet !
Recently I’ve got some problem in my WordPress . Some of blogs that I’m following , their new posts are not showing in my blog reader . So I have to check blogs straitly and sometimes make unfollow then again follow those blogs, hope I can get new posts! Sorry for being late to check your posts sometimes and if you know anything about this problem or any advice, appreciate to hear about that . Thank you ❤
And about my today’s drawing:
Turban shell, Hard Pastel drawing . After many years tried to draw by pastels again ! Hope you like it😃
Ah , Malus has already slept ! Maybe he will get angry to me because I get his place here!!!! 😃



51 responses to “Turban shell

  1. Nice works!!! Cute cat!!!

  2. Beautiful shell!

    Malus looks so cute :3

  3. aww, that cat 🙂 and great shell!

  4. Oh that’s lovely in pastels Violet ! Turban Shell name so apt 🙂
    Malus … makes me feel like a Zzzzz aswell
    I’m having the same problem to with WP 😦

  5. Gorgeous drawing, Violet! I hope you do more.. love it on the gray toned paper.

  6. Gorgeous shell. Job well done! 🙂

  7. Lovely shell, Violet, the pearl colours show very well – that is hard to do ! – I really like your pastel work. I’ve had similar WP problems too, but can offer no solutions ! Good Luck, and hope to see more pastels ! 🙂 x

    • Thank you so much Victoria ! I appreciate ❤❤❤ hard pastels are really hard but it was perfect for showing shell harness and light I think !
      Will do more pastel and maybe challenge by soft one ❤❤
      Thank you so much for advise too ! ❤

  8. The Turban shell is awesome! ❤ Never really tried to sketch with pastels, just a loong time ago.. but it was difficult. But you seems to do it ewith easvery nice and easy! 🙂

    • Thank you so much dear Sofia for your kind comment ! I’de used it long years ago , and just eager to start again . Hard pastels are difficult but soft one are easy to get them the shape of what you want ! Plz try again 😃❤

  9. artscottnet

    Brilliant pastel work, Violet!

  10. Dear Violet, a very interesting sketch, so different in colour, the shell is glowing! Malus, did you look what was inside the shell with a hairy hand? (or maybe better not…don’t do it, because: there could be an ‘orange nose clown-fish’ living inside that shell and they are extremely dangerous for cats, you know…)

    • Ah, thank you so much dear Rosa for your kind words! And ah, again you made me a big laugh !!!
      Let me check inside for Malus! maybe a Piranha inside!!!! (;゜0゜)

  11. Violet, I have the same WP reader problems. Strange isn’t it? Maybe we follow too many blogs, just gossipping around. 🙂

  12. Great piece of work, Violet

  13. Ah, beautiful pastel drawing, Violet. Especially for summer!
    I too had the same problem about a month or two ago when I realized that all those blogs I was following were for some reason either unfollowed or was not getting any mail notifications from them. I’m sad to say that I had to go through the whole list and recheck/follow them anew! Since then I have had no problems. I think you may be able to do a bulk select so you don’t have to do one by one [as I did!]. Hope this helps.
    🙂 xxxxx

  14. Very nice pastel! I really like this drawing, Violet.
    The only way I have been able to fix this wordpress problem for myself is to unsubscribe and resubscribe. I don’t know why it happens.

  15. I love the shell Violet! Please do work with your pastels more often. Beautiful.
    Enjoy your nap Malus!

  16. Such beautiful painting. The one of the shell reminds me of a biography of Beatrix Potter that I’m reading. As no doubt you know, she made many scientific illustrations esp of fungi, so accurate that they’re still used by mycologists. Do you sell your natural history paintings? Unlike Miss Potter in the 19th century, you’ll be taken seriously I think.

    • Ah, thank you so much dear Argylesock for such a kind , sweet comment ❤❤❤❤ I really appreciate 😃❤
      Lots of thanks ❤

      • Now’s an opportunity to ask: please may I use some of your paintings in my blog? I’d acknowledge you as the artist unless you don’t want me to do that. Just now I’m not asking for a particular painting, unless you have one of spinach.

      • Ah, thank you so much ! For sure you can reblog my paintings 😃 I appreciate 😃❤

  17. Sometimes I lose blogs using the WordPress Reader but I duplicate the feeds in a feed’s reader. Deb told me she also got similar problems a couple of years ago, she follows the blogs by email.

    On the other hand I want to try pastels… really I want to try everything… Pastels looks a very hard technique to me. I’ve used black and sanguine crayons and I am not able to get good results. I think I do very detailed sketches and I am not able to get the ‘touch’ with them. Maybe it is a matter of size of the paper, too…

    Anyhow, very nice shell! Love the tinted paper!

    • Dear Nuno,
      Thank you so much for your kind words and advise ! I appreciate 😃❤
      About pastels , just try them and don’t mind about result ! Just as a practice do without thinking about technique . If you want to draw lines or details choose hard pastels and for coloring soft one . I , myself never get the lesson and just do how I like to do or how the chosen subject seems😃
      By the way, love your details in your drawings .
      What size of papers do you usually use for sketching ?

      • I use A4 and A5 sketchbooks. I have hard pastels, Faber-Castell. My girlfriend gave a box with several types of pencils and pastels some time ago. I never explored pastels enough.

        Thank you very much 🙂

  18. Beautiful shell Violet – yes, this is also happening to me, as before. My advice is the same as Marina – you need to un-follow and then re-follow all the blogs that you expect to be in your reader. Gets a bit frustrating at times.

  19. Violet super shell I also had the problem like many others but some time after a while it resolved. Now you see me now you don’t Hi-tech… Keep the good work we will always find you one way or another…

  20. the intricacies of the shell so amazing! I felt as if the shell was alive!

  21. I think WordPress has a few problems every now and then. I have had trouble reading a few posts for the last week. Lovely pastel work.

  22. You’ve captured the iridescence of the shell so beautifully!

  23. That is a beautiful pastel painting of a seashell, Violet!

    I lost of few of the blogs I follow as well. This is not the first time WP has had this kind of issue. I had to go through my blogroll and visit each site to see if I needed to re-follow them.

  24. Wow! This is stunning! I love the shimmering light and the gentle contrast.

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