Rainy days…. 


Hi everyone! 

Still Rainy days, cold weather here and I cannot have a nap under spring warm sunshine! 

So Violet started to look for something in refrege for sketching and she has chosen spring Wild vegtable for today sketch!

And I found Playing in my box is much better than going in cold balcony! 


Hope you have a sunny,beautiful day, dear friends!❤️

17 responses to “Rainy days…. 

  1. Loved the creativity.. this is going on Pinterest with credit :0)

  2. Loll ! Malus and his boxes ! 😀 Nice sketch violet !

  3. fascinating subject Violet – love it ! ah, Malus, great face today – you look how I feel 🙂 hope it is warmer for you soon !

  4. We DID have a sunny beautiful day here! Hope tomorrow you will have some sun puddles, Malus!

    • Great to hear that you had a beautiful day dear Dianna! ❤️
      Here, today we had sunshine after almost one week😣
      Malus was excited!😁😁😁
      Have a lovely day❤️

  5. Painting for Joy

    Love your sketch. Cold and rainy here too. Boo-hoo!

    • Thank you so much! 😊❤️
      I’m glad you like it❤️
      We have sun from yesterday and little bit better! 😁
      Hope you have a sunny warm day as well😊

  6. Love your painted furl Violet …what is it I wonder ….
    Happy sunny days ahead Malus 🙂

    • Thank you so much dear Poppy! ❤️
      That one is Ostrich fern and Cooked as Tempura( Japanese way fry)
      or sauté ❤️
      We had sunshine from yesterday but it seems rainy again for tomorrow 😳
      Have a lovely day xxx

      • Goodness Violet that sounds amazing !! I love tempura but not so good at cooking it myself Lol x

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