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July Wreath!

Hi everyone, 

Hot, humid weather here! I(Malus)don’t  prefer taking nap at the balcony in this season🐾so most of the time,  I’m taking one like this:

For this month, Violet decorated wreath with morning glories, sunflowers  and a little wind chime , feels little bit cooler than weather outside😸

And here is her sketches of hydrangea flowers from last month🐾 🐈

Hope you all have a great week!❤️🐾

Hi dear friends, this is Violet;

Recently there are many sad, unfortunate news out there, from around the world…Sometimes I just want to shout out: STOP THE MADDNESS…enough is enough…where is the humanity heading to?? Please stop ……

Just pray and hope  for peace in the world. Pray and hope to hear no more news about violence, terror and war….  


Hi dear friends!

Hi everyone,

It’s been a long time since I posted anything. Apologies to those whose comments or private mail I haven’t answered to ask me why I’m not here ….

It has been very busy days for me and honestly I haven’t been in the mood to even draw sometimes…..

But I miss you all (better that I say we miss you all)

May 1st and I’m back blogging again. 😊

With a little more information and different subjects for posts or drawings.

First of all I would like to introduce myself a little bit more. I’m a foreigner living in Japan for many years. I’m originally from Iran. I’m a mum of two daughters and a wife of my Japanese hubby. 😁

I want to introduce Japanese or Iranian culture and food…. through my drawings and photos and of course under Malus’ management. 😁

I may not be able to post everyday but will try as often as I can.😊

Hope I can make you smile while visiting my blog. ❤️

Have a great day!

Violet & Malus

Another green leaves


Hi everyone!
It seems Violet is in hurry to sketch green leaves!
“Violet, why you didn’t draw them during Summer??!! ”


Quick(3colors) sketch!

Hi everyone!
Today Violet did a quick sketch, used only 3 colors.

“Violet, you can sketch me, using only 2 colors! ”

“3colors for you too Malus! You forget your pink nose I think!!!😁😁😁”

Have a beautiful weekend dear friends❤️

Quick sketch!

Hi everyone!
Here is a quick sketch of Violet today’s coffee in a cafe near her home❤️
Here is where I was yesterday!!!


And I like to relax like this!


Well, it’s fun!!!



Hi everyone!
Today’s Violet sketch is simple things around! Something in the kitchen or in the garden!
” it’s Italian taste, Malus!”
By the way, how is Italian taste, Violet?


3 Minutes Sketch

Hi everyone!
Today’s sketch is 3 minutes challenge , sketching a photo of a girl in knitting magazine!
And today’s Malus photo, a pose matching to the sketch too😁

Have a wonderful weekend dear friends! 😃❤️

Red berries


Hi everyone!
Today Violet has sketched red berries from her little garden!
She loooooves berries and after sketch, those berries disappeared!!!!
” I know what happened, VIOLET!”



Hi everyone!
Today’s Violet sketch is another hydrangea flower!
And here is me enjoying sunshine today( in my box! )❤




Hi everyone!
June has started and rainy season will start soon too!
What I love in this season is hydrangea flowers. They are blooming one by one in many colors.
Here is a colored pencil drawing of hydrangea 😃

“What? What is this flower? I haven’t check the smell yet,Violet!”

” Ok Malus, I will buy some later for you!!!😁”