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Hi everyone!
First of all happy October to all of you!
This week I’ve received a bad news. My grandpa pass away and it makes me so sad…..
I’m living far from my homeland and so sad that I couldn’t visit him frequently and even for his funeral ceremony.
He was 84 and what I remember about him is his smile, kindness and really good memories with him.
I’m so sad that I couldn’t say goodby to him but his good memories will carry on in my heart and will never forget him😔
Today’s painting is one of my old painting for him

Quick(3colors) sketch!

Hi everyone!
Today Violet did a quick sketch, used only 3 colors.

“Violet, you can sketch me, using only 2 colors! ”

“3colors for you too Malus! You forget your pink nose I think!!!😁😁😁”

Have a beautiful weekend dear friends❤️

Dried plant

Hi everyone!
Here is a colored pencil sketch of dried plant(root?). Usually used for Christmas wreath( and has remained from last year! )
Mmmm, I think it will be a good toy for me!

(No Malus, not this one! Please play with YOUR toys!😁)

Happy August!

Hi everyone!
First of August and a August mood sketch for today! 😃
Today I’ve used watercolor pencils( long time I didn’t use them! )

And here is Malus ,maybe in August mood too! 😁

Happy August and have a wonderful weekend dear friends😃❤️


Hi everyone!
June has started and rainy season will start soon too!
What I love in this season is hydrangea flowers. They are blooming one by one in many colors.
Here is a colored pencil drawing of hydrangea 😃

“What? What is this flower? I haven’t check the smell yet,Violet!”

” Ok Malus, I will buy some later for you!!!😁”

New Sharpener

Hi everyone!
This is Violet new sharpener. She loves design and it’s color!
I’m wonder why she loves stationery so much!!!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!❤️


( pastel & colored pencil)

Hi everyone !
Today Violet has sketched all the pumpkins that she has at home ! She said tomorrow is Halloween and it would be a nice subject for sketching!
Also she has told me she has some plans for me tomorrow too!
“Violet what is your plan???? Or should I say your trick ??? I’m a little worried !!!!”