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Rainy days….Β 


Hi everyone! 

Still Rainy days, cold weather here and I cannot have a nap under spring warm sunshine! 

So Violet started to look for something in refrege for sketching and she has chosen spring Wild vegtable for today sketch!

And I found Playing in my box is much better than going in cold balcony! 


Hope you have a sunny,beautiful day, dear friends!❀️


A Basket Of Speing!Β 


Hi everyone! 

For today, Violet has sketched a basket full  of spring Wild vegtable! 

Unfortunately I cannot eat them but I have my own style to enjoy spring, like this : 

And also, here I have found a nice pillow for a nap! πŸ˜ΊπŸ’€


 Have a great day dear friends!❀️ 


Another Quick Sketch! πŸŽ¨


Hi everyone! 

For today, another quick sketch of simple things around!πŸ˜ƒ

And here is Malus, already in weekend holiday!!!!😁😁😁


Have a wonderful weekend my dear freinds!πŸ˜ƒβ€οΈ

Quick sketch🎨


Hi everyone, 

Here is a quick sketch of Violet today’s lunch! 

“Hummmmm, Violet is there any food like that for me too!??” 


πŸ“Strawberries! πŸ“


Hi everyone! 

Here is today’s sketch, Violet favorite fruit!  Yesterday She went to strabwerry field and ….. 

“Violet , honestly, how many did you eat!!!?????”😼 


Simple things!Β 


Hi everyone! 

Today Violet has sketched asparagus and chinese mashroom! 

Simple thins for today’s sketch but unfortunately I don’t like them( as I cann’t eat them!!😸) 

Violet , next time you should sketch somethings that I love to eat! 


“Yessssssο»Ώ,sssssiiirrr!  But Malus, did you know that it is very hard to draw your dried foods!!! So many details!!😁😁😁😁”

Today’s snack!Β 


Hi everyone! 

Here is  a quick sketch of Violet ‘s snack! 

“Violet, where is my snack? Nothing for me? “




5 minutes sketch!

Hi everyone!
Here is Violet quick sketch for today! Sketching the salad in the restaurant !
And my dessert too Malus! Tiramisu 😁😍❀️

Whaaaatttt! You didn’t tell me about that!

Have a wonderful weekend my dear freinds!πŸ˜ƒβ€οΈ

Autumn MushroomsπŸ„

Hi everyone!
Today sketch is another symbol of Autumn, delicious Mushrooms( as Violet is saying!)
“Are they really delicious,Violet!?”

“Yes,they are Malus! But you can’t eat them!😁”


Hi everyone!
After many days absence , Violet has come back to sketching! I was ready for reporting but IT SEEMS she was busy!!!
Violet, don’t disturb my job!!!!