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Hi dear friends!

Hi everyone,

It’s been a long time since I posted anything. Apologies to those whose comments or private mail I haven’t answered to ask me why I’m not here ….

It has been very busy days for me and honestly I haven’t been in the mood to even draw sometimes…..

But I miss you all (better that I say we miss you all)

May 1st and I’m back blogging again. 😊

With a little more information and different subjects for posts or drawings.

First of all I would like to introduce myself a little bit more. I’m a foreigner living in Japan for many years. I’m originally from Iran. I’m a mum of two daughters and a wife of my Japanese hubby. 😁

I want to introduce Japanese or Iranian culture and food…. through my drawings and photos and of course under Malus’ management. 😁

I may not be able to post everyday but will try as often as I can.😊

Hope I can make you smile while visiting my blog. ❤️

Have a great day!

Violet & Malus


Spring View

Hi everyone!
Here is today’s Violet sketch.
Sketch of a photo that she had taken last month in cherry blossoms season.

“Violet, next time, let’s go together!!!”


Paris , Market

Hi everyone !
Today’s Violet sketch is about Paris . A market in Paris ❤️
” Violet , some good smells there ! Hams? Sausage ? ”


Gentian flower

Hi everyone !
Today’s sketch is gentian flower that Violet has bought yesterday !
Also today , I found a new box too!
Maybe I should ask Violet to put a warm mat in the box for my winter time!!!

Have a nice weekend everyone !

Persian Water Pot

Hi everyone!
For today , a quick sketch of a persian sorvenire that Violet had bought years ago !
It is a persian ceramic pot ( a copy of pot that had used in Persia palace , thousand years ago ) .
She loves to buy such special sorvenires when she is traveling !

“Violet , Violet ! Look at me ! I can make the same face as it ! How do you think Violet? ”


Quick sketch

Hi everyone !
Today violet did a quick sketch of a flower pot !
And I , a quick wash ! For my tail !!!!!!


Dubrovnik , Croatia

Hi everyone !
Here is another sketch of houses in Dubrovnik . Narrow alleys , beautiful houses there are perfect items for sketching ❤
And here is me with my toy friends ! I think I like them more than that dragonfly !!!!


Hot, Hot ,Hot summer!

Hi everyone !
Recently it is really getting hot here, unusual summer and never had experienced like this hot summer before! Very difficult to go out even for short minutes!
Violet is saying outside is hot, hot ,hot all the time and taking iced drink ( I think too much ! ) to keep cool !!!!
While she was drinking her iced tea today, she had sketched it for today’s item .
” Violet , iced drink is fine but don’t take too much sweets ! You know better what will happen to you ……! ”
” Malus, it is nice to have them sometimes , relaxing brain ! ”
” Relaxing brain!!!???? It is just a excuse for eating sweets , isn’t it? Just do like I do. You can keep cool your body and mind and it is the best way for relaxing , look…”


Green everywhere !


Hi everyone!

Green everywhere is what Violet has sketched today!

Spring , full of different greens , waaarrrmmm weather and best condition for taking rest!!!




Hi everyone !

Violet loves to sketch doors, windows and also alleyways ! So here is her today’s sketch.

Sketch of photo that she had taken years ago in Kyoto , Japan .

Alleyway in Kyoto .