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Paris, Trafalgar Square


Hi everyone! 

From yesterday, rainy cold weather here! It seems spring is hiding somewhere!!! Really cold as winter ❄️❄️❄️

So Violet didn’t go for walk and decided to stay home and sketch of old photos😺 For today a quick sketch of  Trafalgar Square, Paris 🇫🇷

And also I decide to look at outside( daily guard as Violet is saying) in the warm room from top of my tower!


Have a great weekend dear freinds!🍀❤️


Paris view from window!

Hi everyone,
Today’s Violet sketch is Paris view from hotel’s window!
And here is me, a view from my box window!!!


Memory of Paris!

Hi everyone!
Today’s Violet sketch is a memory of Paris! A sketch of a photo that she had taken years ago😃❤️
” Violet , it looks great place! can you take me there too? ”

Have a wonderful weekend dear friends ❤️❤️❤️

Autumn in Paris

Hi everyone!
Yesterday Violet posted her sketch when I was sleeping!
Toady, I’m trying my best to open my eyes and report about her sketch!!!!!
She has sketched autumn viwe of a photo in Paris.
Ah, I think I should take another nap and see Paris in my dream!
Have a great day dear friends❤️


Paris, Saxe-Bruteuil market

Hi everyone!
Today’s Violet sketch is Saxe-Bruteuil market, Paris .
Violet loves such markets , they are colorful , beautiful and full of life❤️
” Violet , I think I should visit there too! ”


Paris , Market

Hi everyone !
Today’s Violet sketch is about Paris . A market in Paris ❤️
” Violet , some good smells there ! Hams? Sausage ? ”


Paris Night

Hi everyone !
Today’s Violet sketch is Paris night or better to say Eiffel Tower at night time!
And this photo is Malus night time!!!!!

“Ah, Malus ,You are sleeping at day time and then so eager to play , run, jump at night !!!”


Hi everyone !
Today Violet did a timed sketch of a photo of Paris that she had taken before !
Hummmmm, Paris ! I think I should have a short trip to there ! It should be beautiful place!



Hi everyone ,
For today , Violet has sketched another memory of Paris !
While she was sketching , she was whispering :” ah, I want to go there again …… ”
” Violet , don’t you think about me ? You want to leave me alone here!!!???? ”
“Hummmm, you , alone!?! I think that’s a good idea , Malus! Have you seen home alone movie? Sometimes it’s nice to be home alone!!!! 😁”


Montmartre , Paris

Hi everyone!
Today’s Violet sketch is beautiful Montmartre , Paris .
She has sketched of photo that she took before .

” Violet , is there any cat in this beautiful city??? I can’t see any !!!”
” Yes , Malus , there are many of them ! Even The Aristocats😃”