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Before winter says goodby! 

Hi everyone! 

Today Violet has sketched Nandina plant under the snow( she had taken the photo of that last year) .  

Here is  not so warm but look likes winter is getting tired to stay  and start to packing!😸

And here is me still in Hibernation!! 😸💤( as Violet is saying😁) 

Have a lovely weekend dear freinds !❤️❤️❤️


Autumn Leaves 2

Hi everyone!
Another autumn leaves sketch for today.
And another new box!
“Can I have this new box, Violet?”

“Ah, how many boxes do you need Malus!!😁”

In the Park again!

Hi everyone!
Thank you so much for your kind comments on my previous post! I really appreciate your supports and kind thoughts.
My today’s sketch is a quick one in the park.
” Violet, can you take me there next time?”

” If you promise you won’t runaway😁!!!”

Another green leaves


Hi everyone!
It seems Violet is in hurry to sketch green leaves!
“Violet, why you didn’t draw them during Summer??!! ”


Evening view from balcony

Hi everyone!
Today’s sketch is a evening view from balcony. Violet loves this tree.

It was really busy week for Violet(as she says! ), without sketching, replying comments, visiting friends blogs….
“Sooooo, Violet , how do you think about this punishment!!???”

“Noooooo, Malus, please……. 7 kg on ipad? Noooo!!!!!!”😁

After 6 days……

Hi everyone!
After 6 days absence Violet is back! Well, must say, she has recovered completely after many days terrible cold, fever, ……
And she has sketched this flower today! She doesn’t know the exact english name, as Wikipedia it calls Sarcandra glabra.
And about me! Ah , I get tired to take care of Violet as you can see in this photo!


Colors in plants

Hi everyone!
December has started! Count down for Christmas and preparation for new year has started too! ❤️
A sunny day on the first of December and a good start I think! Relaxing in sunshine, slept and enjoyed in this warm day❤️
While I was sleeping Violet was sketching this small plant in our little garden. It seems she is enjoying colors changing everyday!

❤️Happy December to all of you dear friends and wish you all beautiful moments in the last month of 2013❤️

Autumn leaf


Hi everyone!
After 3 days , at least Violet posts her sketch!!! Another autumn leaf. She is collecting leaves and sketch them! She says everyday leaves colors are different and new!

“Violet , don’t you think recently your absences are getting more and more ? ”
“I know Malus. But you’ve seen me were busy , having gusts, friends gatherings …..”
” Violet, don’t make excuse and do your home works !!!!”
“YES, SSSSSIRRR!!!! ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ”
Hi everyone, this is Violet😃
Recently little bit busy and unfortunately less time for sketching! Also miss to visit your blogs too❤️
Will be there whenever I have time. ❤️
Have a great day dear friends.😃


Hi everyone!
This mix color camellia flower is what Violet has found today!
Violet, how about the smell? Let me see too.



Hi everyone!
Last 3 days Violet was very busy and couldn’t post her sketches! Fortunately today it was ok ! I can do job too!!!
By the way, recently it’s getting cold here and I like to sit on Violet’s foot and take a nap as I do ever year in this seasons!

“Violet, what is this photo? Where is my face!?”
” You are sitting on my foot and how can I took a photo from your face??? But don’t worry , I took another cute photo, Malus.”