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Hi everyone,

This is violet!   Malus is enjoying sunshine ⬇︎   

And I have to tell you about my sketch by myself !😁

Today I draw poenies that I’ve bought 4 days ago and their petals was more pink color and fresh…. 😁 

Have a great week dear friends!  


Autumn leaves 6

Hi everyone !
For today a quick sketch of autumn leaves again!!!
“Violet, you have collected many of them ! Are you going to sketch all of them? ”

“Yes Malus! Even it is December but still autumn colors around!😁”

Quick sketch

Hi everyone!
Here is a quick sketch of Violet’s new palette!
And here is me sniffing the other palette!


What I’ve found today!

Hi everyone!
Today I had a walk and I found my today’s sketch item! Trees that almost changed to autumn colors and a quick sketch😃
By the way, here is Malus at this moment!

What kind of dream is he seeing? Maybe claiming from that trees? Or playing with autumn leaves?

“Sweet dreams Malus❤️”

Autumn View


Walking in the park near my home! leaves changed to orange or yellow or red!

Nature canvas is full of beautiful colours in this season😊

(coloured pencil)

Autumn In Garden


Today I found this view in a garden near my home ! Excited to see Autumn colours and just a quick sketch of what I saw today😃🍂🍁



Thank You

Very simple words but so warm and nice!