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Hi everyone! 

Today sketch is Magnolia flower that are blooming beautifully everywhere! I love the colors of the petals( pink ones) ❤️

When you look at the petals from up they are light pink but the back of the petals are dark pink or purple❤️

And here is Malus, enjoying spring sunshine🐾💤


Have a great ,beautiful day dear freinds! 


Christmas tree 🎄

Hi everyone!
Here is a quick sketch of a Christmas tree🎄
I’m thinking whether I can climb it or not😺

Wishing you a wonderful time❤️

Autumn leaves 5

Hi everyone!
Another Autumn leaves for today😃🍂🍁
And here is Malus sleeping under warm sunshine!

Happy holidays and have a great weekend dear friends!😃❤️


Hi everyone!
For today a quick sketch of persimmon tree branch!
And me, enjoying waaaarm Autumn sunshine❤️


Quick sketch

Hi everyone!
Here is what Violet has found today, a willow tree beside a small lake!
And a quick sketch of that!
And here is me( no need to explain! My sleepy face is showing my mood now! )


Evening view from balcony

Hi everyone!
Today’s sketch is a evening view from balcony. Violet loves this tree.

It was really busy week for Violet(as she says! ), without sketching, replying comments, visiting friends blogs….
“Sooooo, Violet , how do you think about this punishment!!???”

“Noooooo, Malus, please……. 7 kg on ipad? Noooo!!!!!!”😁


Hi everyone !
Today it was really hot here! Nothing better than shades when you are outside ! And here is the place that Violet prefer to have a walk in all season !
And here is me with a new shade for my body !!!!!


Old Road


Sketched of photo that I took at summer . An old road in Kamakura city in Japan 😃



Sketched of photo that I took before in Autumn at park. Now no more leaves on trees but still beautiful view there❤

Colourful leaves


colorful leaves are falling down everyday and paint the ground in beautiful colours❤ I went for driving around and found this view . A river full of colorful leaves😃❤