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Winter rose! 

Hi everyone! 

Today was a warm day and I went for a walk and found this rose.  Even 4 seasons roses are not blooming at this season here but this one looks like a strong rose waking up in the winter and smiling! ❤️

When I came back home, I found Malus as this

Deep sleep under warm winter sunshine! 😊

Hope you dear freinds have a wonderful, warm day as well😊❤️


In the Park again!

Hi everyone!
Thank you so much for your kind comments on my previous post! I really appreciate your supports and kind thoughts.
My today’s sketch is a quick one in the park.
” Violet, can you take me there next time?”

” If you promise you won’t runaway😁!!!”

Autumn park!

Hi everyone!
Today was an Autumn sunny day and perfect for a walk!
Here is today’s sketch, sunny day in park! Still everywhere is green.
And here is me enjoying sunshine too❤️


Morning Glory

Hi everyone!
Today Violet’s sketch is what she found when
she went for a walk this morning!
And here is my new toy too and I love it so much!




Have a wonderful weekend dear friends❤️

Milk & Sugar jar

Hi everyone!
Violet has spent a very busy ( but fun!)days this week. Her hubby has came back from abroad and has taken one week holiday so almost everyday going out for driving, walking, enjoying spring warm weather.
Today’s sketch is a quick sketch of milk and sugar jar in a caffe!
HuM? MILK? Milk? Can I have too?

Have a beautiful weekend everyone!❤️

Spring Sea

Hi everyone!
Here is today’s Violet sketch, spring sea. A quick sketch of where she and her husband took a walk yesterday.
Well, I prefer to take a nap under spring warm sunshine more than walking along the sea!


Our favorite things!(1)

Hi everyone!
How was your new year holidays? Thank you so much for all your messages and Violet will answer them one buy one later❤️
Today’s Violet sketch is her favorite boots. They are fit to her legs and perfect for walking even for long time.
And this is my favorite house!

Making my bed before sleeping!

Another quick sketch !

Hi everyone !
Last time I was slept and couldn’t attend to my job in WordPress !!!!!!
So today I’ve tried my best to get my eyes open and wait for Violet to post her new sketch !
She has sketched a quick one again on the way she was coming back to home ! She said she had to do it so quick otherwise would melt in outside , under hot sun !!!!!

” And , Violet , I’m happy you haven’t melted!!!!! Otherwise I’ve loose my job again !!!!!! ”



Hi everyone !
Today it was really hot here! Nothing better than shades when you are outside ! And here is the place that Violet prefer to have a walk in all season !
And here is me with a new shade for my body !!!!!


Autumn in June??!!

Hi everyone!
Today was raining again ! Violet couldn’t stay at home and she went for a walk . When she came back, she had some beautiful plants in her hand! She made a quick sketch of leaf for today (=^ェ^=)
“Violet, Do you know the name of this plant ? ”
” Unfortunately no! But leaves color are fantastic ! Colorful as autumn leaves❤ I will draw whole plant tomorrow😃”

“By the way Violet , it was rainy today ,you had a walk outside but I didn’t . So let’s have a walk with me!!! Me in the box !!!! Pleaaaaseeee!!”


“Ok, ok , Malus. Sit there and put your sit belt!!!!! 😁”