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Hi everyone!
Here is today’s Violet sketch, a quick sketch of trees while she had a walk in the park!
It is March but still cold and winter is not leaving!
It seems we have to wait another months to see the fresh green leaf.
And me , enjoying MY ipad!!!!


Red magic lilies

For today , Violet has sketched red magic lilies ( red spider lilies ) .
Strange shape but beautiful flowers they are !

I think it’s better to take a nap !

Quick sketch

Hi everyone !
Today violet did a quick sketch of a flower pot !
And I , a quick wash ! For my tail !!!!!!


Cape Gooseberry

Hi everyone!
Today I found this cape gooseberry and happy to find my today’s sketch item 😃
By the way , Malus is sleeping now and absent for helping me!!!
Today he has chosen his round box as his bed😃

Sweet dreams Malus❤❤❤

Delphinium flower

Hi everyone!
Today we had sunshine again so you can imagine me and what I did! Yes, enjoying sunshine .
It seems from tomorrow it turns to cloudy and rain again ! Nooooooooooo………..
By the way, here is today’s Violet sketch. What she has decorated on table .
Delphinium flower . Violet loves their blue and purple petals(=^ェ^=)


Colorful leaves

Hi everyone!
Here is Violet today’s sketch . The colorful leaves plant that she had found yesterday!

Here is me , feel sleepy today! I will go to take a nap !


Autumn in June??!!

Hi everyone!
Today was raining again ! Violet couldn’t stay at home and she went for a walk . When she came back, she had some beautiful plants in her hand! She made a quick sketch of leaf for today (=^ェ^=)
“Violet, Do you know the name of this plant ? ”
” Unfortunately no! But leaves color are fantastic ! Colorful as autumn leaves❤ I will draw whole plant tomorrow😃”

“By the way Violet , it was rainy today ,you had a walk outside but I didn’t . So let’s have a walk with me!!! Me in the box !!!! Pleaaaaseeee!!”


“Ok, ok , Malus. Sit there and put your sit belt!!!!! 😁”