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Spring days


(Cherries blossoms trees, sketched of a photo that Violet had taken before) 

Hi everyone! 

Spring days but almost raining or cloudy everyday!  

At least we had sunshine this afternoon! I think even rain needs rest same as me! 



Bamboo Root

Hi everyone,
This is what I find for today sketch, a bamboo root! 😃

And here is a bamboo , no, a cat trying to be a bamboo root!!!( I think! ) 😁



Hi everyone!
Here is today’s Violet sketch, a quick sketch of trees while she had a walk in the park!
It is March but still cold and winter is not leaving!
It seems we have to wait another months to see the fresh green leaf.
And me , enjoying MY ipad!!!!


What I’ve found today!

Hi everyone!
Today I had a walk and I found my today’s sketch item! Trees that almost changed to autumn colors and a quick sketch😃
By the way, here is Malus at this moment!

What kind of dream is he seeing? Maybe claiming from that trees? Or playing with autumn leaves?

“Sweet dreams Malus❤️”

Autumn !

Hi everyone !
Violet has sketched another little autumn for today !
Colorful leaves, autumn flowers , autumn fruits , autumn clouds, cold breeze in the morning and night , having hot coffee in the morning that makes you feel warm , ….. Many autumn signs around !
How about you dear friends , what you think about autumn signs ?


Spring leaves


Hello everyone!

Today was warm and  sunny day and Violet went to the park to enjoy fresh air ! she sketched this greeeeeen leaves for today(=^ェ^=)

This spring is different from last year. Sometimes cold, mostly cloudy or rainy but it seems plants and trees know spring is here. They are green and beautiful ❤Image

Waiting for spring!


Waiting to see fresh leaves 😃❤



It’s winter now but today I chose autumn view for today❤ sketched of photo that I took in autumn😃



Sketched of photo that I took before in Autumn at park. Now no more leaves on trees but still beautiful view there❤