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Christmas wreath by watercolor pastel

Hi everyone !
This time Violet has challenged sketching by watercolor pastels!
And here a photo of me looks like a wreath!



( pastel & colored pencil)

Hi everyone !
Today Violet has sketched all the pumpkins that she has at home ! She said tomorrow is Halloween and it would be a nice subject for sketching!
Also she has told me she has some plans for me tomorrow too!
“Violet what is your plan???? Or should I say your trick ??? I’m a little worried !!!!”


Quick sketch

Hi everyone !
Today Violet was busy with packing winter clothes and some other stuffs for her elder daughter who left to abroad for university !
So a quick sketch of flower on the table , her first challenge by watercolor pastels .

She arranged a box for packing , A BOX! Boooooxxxxx !!!
And I’m sure you know better what happened then !!!!!


My Bag

Hi everyone !
Today , Violet has sketched her bag , using pastel and watercolor . It seems she has enjoyed to use or better to say play with pastels again !
“What are you doing Violet ! Your camera is so close to me !!! Are you playing with camera too !!!! ”


Turban shell

Hi everyone!
This is Violet !
Recently I’ve got some problem in my WordPress . Some of blogs that I’m following , their new posts are not showing in my blog reader . So I have to check blogs straitly and sometimes make unfollow then again follow those blogs, hope I can get new posts! Sorry for being late to check your posts sometimes and if you know anything about this problem or any advice, appreciate to hear about that . Thank you ❤
And about my today’s drawing:
Turban shell, Hard Pastel drawing . After many years tried to draw by pastels again ! Hope you like it😃
Ah , Malus has already slept ! Maybe he will get angry to me because I get his place here!!!! 😃