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July Wreath!

Hi everyone, 

Hot, humid weather here! I(Malus)don’t  prefer taking nap at the balcony in this season🐾so most of the time,  I’m taking one like this:

For this month, Violet decorated wreath with morning glories, sunflowers  and a little wind chime , feels little bit cooler than weather outside😸

And here is her sketches of hydrangea flowers from last month🐾 🐈

Hope you all have a great week!❤️🐾

Hi dear friends, this is Violet;

Recently there are many sad, unfortunate news out there, from around the world…Sometimes I just want to shout out: STOP THE MADDNESS…enough is enough…where is the humanity heading to?? Please stop ……

Just pray and hope  for peace in the world. Pray and hope to hear no more news about violence, terror and war….  


Another Hydrangea

Hi everyone!
Today’s Violet sketch is a hydrangea that She has decorated on the table!
And here is my new toy, mouse catcher!!!! I have to run round and round to chase the mouse!

Ah, feel tired to chase the mouse!




Hi everyone!
Today’s Violet Sketch is another hydrangeas flowers!
She was so busy last week and almost no time for sketching!
“Violet , please do your daily sketched for this week otherwise I will not be able to visit our friends here! ”

” will try my best, Malus! 😁”


Hi everyone!
Today’s Violet sketch is another hydrangea flower!
And here is me enjoying sunshine today( in my box! )❤




Hi everyone!
June has started and rainy season will start soon too!
What I love in this season is hydrangea flowers. They are blooming one by one in many colors.
Here is a colored pencil drawing of hydrangea 😃

“What? What is this flower? I haven’t check the smell yet,Violet!”

” Ok Malus, I will buy some later for you!!!😁”

Another box, another hydrangea !


Hi everyone!
This is my new box! Something from Amazon for Violet today. So when I saw the box just jumped in That !!!’
And here another hydrangea sketch from Violet! (=^ェ^=)


Another hydrangea flower❤

Hi everyone !
Still raining here!
Here is violet today’s sketch .another color of hydrangea ❤

“Violet , it’s boring . How many days should I stay at home without sunshine !!!! “

Hydrangea 2

Hi everyone!
Violet has found another beautiful hydrangea while she had a walk today !
Here is a quick sketch of that !
And also , she has bought for me this toy! But I don’t know why I have to keep it on my head!!!!!




Hi dear friends !

It is June and time to enjoy hydrangea flowers . Violet bought this blue one today and a quick sketch !
While she was sketching , I was doing my job in balcony !

” What kind of job , Malus? ! You mean sleeping ???? ”


“What ? Did you say something!!!!! “

Blue Hydrangea


It is Hydrangea flowers season here. Many type of this flower  in many colours  are blooming now and I will try to sketch some of my favorites colours or shape before their season finish(^_^)

Today I sketched Blue one and actually I love blue hydrangea most❤