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Hi everyone! 

This summer I have bought  hibiscus plant and it is growing day by day and presenting me beautiful flowers almost every day🌺

Now only few blossoms and I made a sketch before she falls in sleep for winter time! 

But someone is sleeping!!!!! ☺️( it seems his weekend has already started!!!😁😁😁)

Have a nice weekend dear freinds😊❤️


Hi everyone!
This mix color camellia flower is what Violet has found today!
Violet, how about the smell? Let me see too.



Hi everyone !
Today’s sketch is roses that Violet has decorated on the table !
I like their sweet smell and sometimes jump on the table and sniff them !
Even I can smell them from here ( in the photo ! )


Bougainvillea, paper flowers

Hi everyone !
My today’s sketch is from my memories in Doha, Qatar ( Malus home town ! )when I was living there .
Bougainvillea, paper flowers was very popular there and could see big trees of them almost in every houses .
This is my imagination painting of a view from out side of a house wall ! I remember those beautiful flowers hanging on the walls and flowers were dancing in the warm breeze…..
May be I’ve drew Malus dream at this moment !


Quick sketch!


Hi everyone !

Today at last we had sunshine , warm day! Violet was very busy today and was not at home!  When she came back , she had those flowers in her hand .  I’m sure she felt spring today so she has bought those flowers!

She made a verrrryyyyy quick sketch of them for today’s post(=^ェ^=)

Sniff ,sniff ! Some good smell there!(=^ェ^=)




Hi everyone!

Today was a cold , rainy day!  I was sleeping on my fluffy pillow , near the heater Almost whole day!

A boring day for Violet !!! I saw she was looking at her little garden in balcony, worrying for her daisy  flowers  in this cold weather!

She thought it’s better to draw them for today’s sketch !

So she did! (=^ェ^=)  Did I tell you that she loves daisy flower (=^ェ^=)




Today was a warm day and I could enjoy to laying under sunshine , taking nap …. This is spring !

Also Violet was busy with her plants, roses, herbs…. and I heard her saying: this is spring!

She started to sketch hyacinth that beautifully has bloomed in her balcony !

So here is today’s sketch: Hyacinth ,another sign for spring❤