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On the table!!! 


Hi everyone! 

For today a quick sketch of flowers on the table🐾

Pink carnations🐾


And here is me on the table too! 🐾


Sweet peas again! 


Hi everyone! 

Today Violet has  sketched  sweet pea again!  We have them on the table  in new colors! 

Well , they are spring flowers and we can find them in flower shop maybe only for another month. 

And here is me, an artistic pose!!! behind sweet pease! 




Hi everyone!
First of all happy October to all of you!
This week I’ve received a bad news. My grandpa pass away and it makes me so sad…..
I’m living far from my homeland and so sad that I couldn’t visit him frequently and even for his funeral ceremony.
He was 84 and what I remember about him is his smile, kindness and really good memories with him.
I’m so sad that I couldn’t say goodby to him but his good memories will carry on in my heart and will never forget him😔
Today’s painting is one of my old painting for him



Hi everyone!
Today’s Violet sketch is what she has decorated on the table,an orange cockscomb.
“Malus, you looks like a cockscomb too😁😁😁”


Great Burnet


Hi everyone!
Here is today’s sketch, Great Burnet. They are popular in flower shops in this season and Violet loves this small,cute flowers! She has decorated a bunch of them on the table❤️
And here is me wants to know what kind of smell they have!


I’m home!


Hi everyone!
I’m home!
Thank you so much for all your kind thoughts and prayers for me! I and Violet really appreciate and lucky to have many good,kind friends all around the world❤️
Well you saw my face in the car ,the way coming back to home!
And when I get to home :
First: checking all the rooms!
Second :cleaning

Third: of course sitting in my box!

And also many hugs from Violet as well!


And now relaxing on my chair!



Dear friends,
I’m so happy Malus is with us, in home❤️ He came back little bit thin,lost weight!
It seems he knew he is coming back to home so very calm face even in the car! He starts to eating his food❤️ he is relax now but has to go for another blood test on Tuesday! His today’s blood test, liver function value was little bit higher than normal. He should took medicine until Tuesday and then again see how it’s working.
I will inform you next Tuesday❤️
Again,thank you so much for being with me and Malus! I’m sure all your warm thoughts has reached to him❤️
Have a great weekend everyone❤️❤️❤️

Evening view from balcony

Hi everyone!
Today’s sketch is a evening view from balcony. Violet loves this tree.

It was really busy week for Violet(as she says! ), without sketching, replying comments, visiting friends blogs….
“Sooooo, Violet , how do you think about this punishment!!???”

“Noooooo, Malus, please……. 7 kg on ipad? Noooo!!!!!!”😁