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Quick sketch!


Hi everyone !

Today at last we had sunshine , warm day! Violet was very busy today and was not at home!  When she came back , she had those flowers in her hand .  I’m sure she felt spring today so she has bought those flowers!

She made a verrrryyyyy quick sketch of them for today’s post(=^ェ^=)

Sniff ,sniff ! Some good smell there!(=^ェ^=)


Sunny Day!


Today was a sunny,warm day! Violet’s little garden plants are  turning  to green ,day by day . This is today’s sky and plant from her balcony(=^ェ^=)

I was so happy and relaxed today! Almost slept  under sunshine in balcony (=^ェ^=) what would be better than sunshine and a place  for sleeping (=^ェ^=)




Sketched of photo that I took before in Autumn at park. Now no more leaves on trees but still beautiful view there❤

At the park (2)


Nice autumn weather and perfect for have a walk in the park😃I found this lovely view today😃

Walking in the park


Went to the park near seaside ,with my husband😃 Sunny day and fresh autumn air ! Sea was beautiful today❤

Walking In The Park


Today had a walking in a park near my home . leaf turn to the dark green , Daisies(the flower that I love most!), Bouvardias, Impatienses,Salvias , Splendens,Vinca  roseas ….. were blooming around !

It’s Summer !\(^o^)/

Coffee Ice Cream


Coffee with vanilla ice cream❤ One of my favourite drink on sunny days!