Hi everyone!
Today Violet used colored pencil for this sketch. This season greens are really beautiful and Violet loves to sketch those greens(=^ェ^=)


22 responses to “Greens

  1. Great sketch Violet, very impressive subject, well done. 🙂 xx

  2. Violet great colours and work, I would love to see through the key hole who live in this beautiful palace you created. You are so good!

  3. Beautiful picture Violet! The colors used are fantastic!

  4. This very pretty Violet!

  5. What I love about this sketch is the texture your pencil made and the patterns that I see in the drawing. Really like the colors, well done!

  6. Oh, what a beautiful place, Violet!
    Well captured, my dear!
    🙂 xxxxx

  7. The greens match your beautiful eyes Malus…

  8. Violet …I love the softness here … right down to Malus fur 😉

  9. Lovely setting Violet, once again you bring a serenity to your beautiful paintings.

  10. YOu know how to work those colored pencils as well as your lovely watercolors!

  11. That’s beautiful… It makes me want to jump right into your drawing to lie in the sun!

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