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Today’s snack! 

Hi everyone! 

Today sketch is today’s snack! Walkers cookies that Violet loves them with tea or coffee! 

I’m enjoying to play in my new big box! 

Waite, something is on the box!!! 

 What is this pink hairy thing here! 

Who are you???


Another Quick Sketch! 🎨


Hi everyone! 

For today, another quick sketch of simple things around!😃

And here is Malus, already in weekend holiday!!!!😁😁😁


Have a wonderful weekend my dear freinds!😃❤️

7min sketch!

Hi everyone!
Today Violet sketched what she ate this morning! Her favorite cinnamon roll with tea❤️ it seems she was hungry so a quick sketch (7 min) of that!

Recently it’s really hot here! Even I don’t want to walk or play sometimes and Violet took my photos (in those mood! ) for reporting!!!!
So here is me, no willing to play!




Have a wonderful weekend dear friends❤️❤️❤️

Nothing Better Than…..

Hi everyone!
Nothing better than a cold lime verbena and mint tea for Violet in summer days

And nothing better than taking a nap in a cool place for me!


Mint Tea

Hi everyone!
This is Violet😃 today’s sketch is my wake up alarm tea! Sometimes works better than coffee for me😁
I’m sure it will not works for him!

” did you said something Violet?”

“No, no! you can continue your nap,Malus!!!😁😁😁”


Lemon verbena

Hi everyone!
Today Violet sketched lemon verbena in flowers of her little garden.
In this season lemon verbena in flowers is little bit strange as Violet says!
Today she made a hot drink with them and lemon and honey! It looks yumm but she didn’t share with me! Instead of that she gave me this new mouse!
Hummmmmm, not so interesting toy!


Samovar (in Persian ,Samavar)

Hi everyone !
Today Violet has sketched another memory of Iran , traditional tea maker or bette to say for making hot water for tea ” Samavar” . Tea is main drink there , specially in the morning and after taking food . She remembers the nice taste of tea there specially mint chai with cube sugars!

” Violet , I’m reporting for you but you are playing with me ! What kind of photo is this !!!! ”

” (^_−)−☆”