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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas my dear friends,

I wish you a merry christmas and have a great time with your loved ones❤️

Violet & Malus


🎄🎉Merry Christmas 🎉🎁

Hi dear friends,
Merry Christmas and my best wishes to all of you❤️
Wish you have a wonderful moments today ❤️
Today I was really wonder about Malus! He was sitting under Christmas tree and seem waiting for his present!!!
“Violet, is there something for me??”


And …….
” what is this Violet? A car for me?”

“Yes Malus! A very useful car for your nail care!!!! Also a good chair and even a place that you can dream about a wonderful driving on that!!!”😃
“Hum mm,I think I like it!!!😺”


One day remain!

Hi everyone!
Only one day to Christmas! Violet is saying time is passing so fast!( really???) and seems she is preparing something!!! Some good smells too!
I am sitting on my tower and at this moment everything is under control!!!😼😸


Wishing you all dear friends a Happy,Merry Christmas🎉🎄💝

Christmas tree 🎄

Hi everyone!
Here is a quick sketch of a Christmas tree🎄
I’m thinking whether I can climb it or not😺

Wishing you a wonderful time❤️

Christmas ornaments🎄

Hi everyone! 🎄
Hi after one week absence and I’m so happy to be here again and getting back to my job!!! ❤️
It is Christmas season and I’m so excited too as you can see in this photo too!:

Violet has sketched many seasonal items but unfortunately no time for posting them!😼
Hope she can post them before new year!!!!😸
I think I found something nice here…. 😻

Dear freinds,
Thank you so much for your kind comments on my previous posts and my apologize to haven’t replied them yet. I always enjoy to read your sweet comments and will reply them one by one as soon as I can😃❤️
Have a great day( or sweet dreams😊)

Playing with metallic colors!

Hi everyone!
For today just playing with metallic colors and a quick illustration of Christmas ornament!

And here is Malus, sleeping and maybe playing with Christmas ornaments in his dream!😁



Hi everyone !
December has starte….!!! Whaaaaaattt?
Already DECEMBER ????

“Yes ,Malus! So here is a sketch on canvas for today!”

But how about the rest of Autumn leaves? Still many of them are remain!
” of course will sketch them again even in December! Now their colors are changing to christmas colors!🍁🍂❤️”
Happy December and Monday dear freinds!❤️

Vienna ( Christmas )

Hi everyone!
Today’s Violet sketch is Vienna, this beautiful city christmas season❤️
And me, enjoying sunshine today!


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas dear friends!
Hope you all have a wonderful, beautiful day.
“Malus, don’t you want to open your present? ”
“Whaaaat? My present? ”

” Yes, here you are! ”

“What’s inside????”
br />

“A waaaarrrmmm house for you!”


Ok, let me see inside!


Not so bad!

” I like it Violet! ♡♡♡”
” I’m glad you like it😃”

Happy Holidays!

“Maluuuuuuussss, I can’t sketch! Please move! ”

“Mmmm, is it ok now? ”

“Noooo, please sit somewhere else! I can’t continue my sketch!”
“Ok, ok, I will move ! ……..
Didi you finished it? ”
” yes, now ready to post!!!!😁”

Hi everyone!
Happy Holidays and a merry merry Christmas to all of you dear friends. Our best wishes and have a wonderful time❤️❤️❤️

” By the way Violet, any present for me for tomorrow? ”
” only if you promise to be a good boy! 😁”