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Quick sketch!

Hi everyone!
Here is a quick sketch of what Violet has decorated in the kitchen!
And here is me in my new box!

I think it’s little bit small!!!



Hi everyone!
Today’s Violet sketch is simple things around! Something in the kitchen or in the garden!
” it’s Italian taste, Malus!”
By the way, how is Italian taste, Violet?



Hi everyone!
Thank you so much for your kind comments on rose garden post!
I should apologize because I haven’t replied to all your comment yet and I will do it as soon as I can😊 thank you so much and your words always are a big support to me❤️
Today a quick sketch of herbs (sage and rosemary) in my little garden!
While I was drawing, Malus was enjoying under sunshine as you can see in photo!
Well, he needs holiday too! 😁

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! 😃❤️

Sweet Violet!

Hi everyone!
Today’s sketch is a sweet violet flower from Violet little garden! Many of them has bloomed and Violet loves to decorate them on veg salads! They tastes good as Violet is saying❤️
“What are you drinking Violet? ”
“Coffee , do you want some! ”

“No, thanks , I think I can’t drink it!!!!!!”

“And, Malus, I have a question too!!! Did you again eat thyme leaves!!!???😮 I can see a leaf near your mouth!!!!😋 ”

Marinated tomato with herbs

Hi everyone!
A quick sketch of what Violet has made for today’s salad!
She loves herbs and now it is getting warm here so she can enjoy her little garden herbs for cooking!
Well, I must say, I don’t have any interest to tomatoes, so prefer to use my dear pillow( iPad!!!!)


Winter preparation!

Hi everyone!
Violet is busy with preparation for Christmas , winter, holidays !
Today’s sketch is winter colors towels!
She loves to change home’s small stuff colors in each season!
“Sniff , sniff”
“Violet , good smell here! What’s that? ”

“That is lavender potpourri between towels! They make you relax!
you have already made a relaxed face, Malus!!!”

Lemon verbena

Hi everyone!
Today Violet sketched lemon verbena in flowers of her little garden.
In this season lemon verbena in flowers is little bit strange as Violet says!
Today she made a hot drink with them and lemon and honey! It looks yumm but she didn’t share with me! Instead of that she gave me this new mouse!
Hummmmmm, not so interesting toy!



Hi everyone !
Here is last night Violet cooking ! Mackerel with fennel stuffing .
Simple but healthy and tasty ! She loves using herbs specially for fish cooking !

“Can I have some , Violet ? “

Today’s cooking !

Hi everyone !
Here is today’s Violet cooking and sketch !
Shepherds ‘Pie with savory and thyme .
How wonderful was if she could share it with all of you , dear friends .

” by the way Violet , it smells good ! Can I have some too ??? “

Lemon Balm Tea

Hi everyone !
Today when I woke up , very good smell around!
It was lemon balm tea smell that Violet was making . Using her little garden lemon balms and lemongrass leaf .
When it get ready ,she add sliced lemon and ice! I’m sure she enjoyed that because her face was telling me it tastes good!!!!

“Violet , can I have some too ???!! “