Great Burnet


Hi everyone!
Here is today’s sketch, Great Burnet. They are popular in flower shops in this season and Violet loves this small,cute flowers! She has decorated a bunch of them on the table❤️
And here is me wants to know what kind of smell they have!


30 responses to “Great Burnet

  1. Gawjuss. And it is so good to see Malus smiling

  2. Thank you so much dear Al for your kind comment😃❤️❤️❤️

  3. Good to see Malus back in action and your lovely art popping up in my inbox, Violet xx

  4. lovely delicate painting Violet. I don’t think we have that flower here, looks a bit like lavender. Nice to see Malus being inquisitive 🙂

    • Thank you so much dear Victoria!
      They are cute flowers! They don’t have any smell.
      As I read in Wikipedia , It is native throughout the cooler regions of the Northern Hemisphere in Europe, northern Asia, and northern North America.
      It seems it is a family of herbs❤️

  5. I love your curious whiskers, sweet Malus. Strength and good health to you. Those flowers are adorable, Violet. Crossing my fingers for the lab test ♥

  6. Ah, you are so cute, Malus and so are those flowers Violet sketched! 🙂 xx

  7. Such pretty little flowers. Violet’s painting is perfect! You are looking well today Malus 🙂

  8. Very sweet. But what kind of smell do they have, Malus?

  9. Lovely and delicate Violet and so nice to see Malus back on his feet 🙂

  10. Love your sketch and glad to see Malus is looking better!

  11. Very pretty Violet.

  12. Oh how wonderful – great shadowing too! Malus is happy ~

  13. So beautiful – similar to a plant I grow in my yard, known as “firecrackers”. It may be the same thing!
    How is Malus? He seems to be fine!

  14. A truly lovely post.

  15. Beautiful and delicate! Nice to see you looking well Malus!

  16. so pretty & graceful…

  17. I saw something like this on my walk. You did a great job, and the shadows nicely lifted the sprig off of the page.

    • Thank you so much dear Lucy for your kind comment!❤️
      They are Autumn flower(well better to say plants) and even can use for dried flower too. They don’t change color.

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