Season’s Souvenir 2

Hi everyone ,

Today will continue about violet’s memories in past April!  Sakura talks again🐾🌸🐾

During Sakura season people here enjoy flowers and also special sweets in this season!  Here violet will show you some of them!

Those sweets are made by sakuras flowers and their leaves flavor,rice,sweet beans and wrapped in salted sakura’s leaves. Also using Sakura dried flowers in sweets and dried salty sakura tea that tastes really good!

Those blossoms are beautiful even when they start to falling down. It looks like the petal are dancing in the air and sometimes like snow….

In mid late of April, a new type of sakuras ,Yaezakura(means one flower consists of as many pink petals)will bloom and again another joy .

Now, there is no flowers on tress but  beautiful memories (for violet taste too!) are remain! 🐾

Time to enjoy fresh green leaves everywhere and looking forward sakuras next year…..


10 responses to “Season’s Souvenir 2

  1. Beautiful flowers and such beautiful, delicate artwork! Absolutely delightful, Malus & flowers!

  2. Such a beautiful time. The food looks delicious too.

  3. Very pretty! I love the beautiful, soft colors. And the sweet treats look yummy.

  4. very nice and refined, as usually… well, I’m back from Nihon and I already miss everything… ❤

  5. Very special drawing Violet – love the delicacy and seeing your art again. Beautiful photographs of these flowering trees.

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