July Wreath!

Hi everyone, 

Hot, humid weather here! I(Malus)don’t  prefer taking nap at the balcony in this season🐾so most of the time,  I’m taking one like this:

For this month, Violet decorated wreath with morning glories, sunflowers  and a little wind chime , feels little bit cooler than weather outside😸

And here is her sketches of hydrangea flowers from last month🐾 🐈

Hope you all have a great week!❤️🐾

Hi dear friends, this is Violet;

Recently there are many sad, unfortunate news out there, from around the world…Sometimes I just want to shout out: STOP THE MADDNESS…enough is enough…where is the humanity heading to?? Please stop ……

Just pray and hope  for peace in the world. Pray and hope to hear no more news about violence, terror and war….  



14 responses to “July Wreath!

  1. lovely to see Malus napping 🙂 gorgeous wreath and paintings, Violet. Yes,those are my prayers too. All best wishes to you & Malus, Victoria xx

  2. Hi, hi…nice to see your lovely sketches and wreath…they bring a smile to my face. Everyone can benefit from a smile these days. You are right, the world sure is a mess. I’d like to be Malus, who doesn’t hear about these things. Love to you….Tara ( now living in Canada )

    • Hi dear Tara,
      Thank you so much for your sweet comment! Glad to make you smile😘 You know, my dad says the same thing too! He likes to be Malus too😁 Hope, pray for good news….
      Miss you a lot,

  3. I love your summery wreath Violet and your hydrangeas are gorgeous! and my kitties are in the same position as Malus… it’s hot here too!

    Yes, pray for peace.

    • Thank you so much dear Dana! Hope the weather be better there and kitties be more comfortable😊 Here many typhoons and raining everyday, humid🙀
      have a great week ahead!

  4. Painting for Joy

    Hi Malus! You’re such a cute kitty. Violet your wreath is gorgeous and I love your beautiful watercolors. Yes we all need to pray, constantly.

  5. Oh, I love your hydrangeas, Violet. 🙂
    ps may reason and peace find their way to everyone inhabiting this planet. We seem to be the only specie with a lack of reason…
    Yes, Malus, I know you know what I’m talking about! 😉

  6. croquedessin

    Lovely Malus ! And very nice hydrangeas Violet 🙂

  7. Yes, I wish we were all as peaceful and relaxed as Malus.

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