Violet’s snack!

Hi everyone!
Nice weather, sunshine,home……

“Mmmmm ,what are you doing Violet!?”

“Nothing! Sketching and having my snack!😁”


” Violet, do you know the meaning of “WEIGHT”???”


32 responses to “Violet’s snack!

  1. My goodness — sounds as though Malus is watching out for you, Violet! So glad he’s home and happy and soaking up the sun puddles!

  2. Oh, how lovely to see Malus’ face again and your lovely artwork!

  3. Don’t worry Malus! I’m sure Violet is hiding a nice snack for you someware. If you’re good she might give it to you 😀 I really like your sketch Violet! It’s very pretty and it’s making me hungry 😉

    • Thank you so much dear Jess❤️❤️❤️
      Glad you like it😃❤️
      I think I should buy a snack for him too otherwise he will blame me when I want to have those cookies!!!!😁

  4. very nice sketch Violet, almost edible 🙂 Good to see Malus enjoying the sun too 🙂

  5. Drawing things you love is always fun. Yummy! Glad your kitty is better!

  6. So glad Malus is back to himself again.
    They cookies look great and so does the idea of having some…mmm.
    xxx ♥

  7. Lovely and funny !

  8. Ah, darling Malus of the pretty pink nose, I love your funny faces. Enjoy your sunny siestas and grow stronger every day ♥ Dear Violet, you give so much deliciousness to your paintings. I love your kitty coffee mug!.

    • Thank you so much dear Carmen for your kind comment! I just wants him grow stronger too❤️
      I love that Mug because the cat on that is looks like Malus!😁

  9. Really, Malus, who cares about weight? Even the sketch is edible! Nice one, Violet. 🙂 Big kiss, Malus! 🙂 xx

    • Yes,dear Marina! Who cares about the weight when you have yummy foods ,snacks in front of the eyes😁 and Malus should do the same too! Just eating little bit more( as he did before)😊

  10. …. looks like Malus has lots of humor… sign that he goes well !!!

    • Ah, thank you so much dear Arielle! Still it is not a complete recovery but better than before😃
      I’m crossing my fingers for his complete recovery❤️

  11. And, Malus, you must remember not to lose weight!

  12. Oh sweet Malus… it’s so good to see you home! Violet needs you to keep an eye on her… keep getting better!

  13. Yeah Malus seems to be getting back to normal! Love your sketches, yummy they are making me very hungry.

    • Thank you so much dear Mary for your kind comment😃❤️
      Well,still not a complete recovery but better before and I just pray he doesn’t repeat it😔

  14. Oooh, yummy cookies….great sketch. Hi Malus!

  15. Violet I am sure you did jog around the block after those beautiful cookies.. ❤ x

  16. Thanks for the sweet sketch and inspiration. I admire that you challenge yourself to paint every day, because it seems you can paint everything so well. I am glad that Malus is home to share them with us.

    • Ah, thank you so much dear Lucy for your kind comment❤️I really appreciate and sorry for answering or visiting your blog late.
      I love you soft paintings and colors, style too❤️
      Thank you for your kind comment to Malus too❤️

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