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I’m home!


Hi everyone!
I’m home!
Thank you so much for all your kind thoughts and prayers for me! I and Violet really appreciate and lucky to have many good,kind friends all around the world❤️
Well you saw my face in the car ,the way coming back to home!
And when I get to home :
First: checking all the rooms!
Second :cleaning

Third: of course sitting in my box!

And also many hugs from Violet as well!


And now relaxing on my chair!



Dear friends,
I’m so happy Malus is with us, in home❤️ He came back little bit thin,lost weight!
It seems he knew he is coming back to home so very calm face even in the car! He starts to eating his food❤️ he is relax now but has to go for another blood test on Tuesday! His today’s blood test, liver function value was little bit higher than normal. He should took medicine until Tuesday and then again see how it’s working.
I will inform you next Tuesday❤️
Again,thank you so much for being with me and Malus! I’m sure all your warm thoughts has reached to him❤️
Have a great weekend everyone❤️❤️❤️


Still in hospital!

Hi everyone!
Thank you so much for your kind supports and warm thoughts!
I really appreciate❤️ your prayers make me think positive and I’m sure they are reached to Malus too❤️
Today I visited vet and blood test result was not so bad😃 Malus has stared eating😃
He will have another blood test and sonography tomorrow and if the result be good, he can come back home😃❤️
We are crossing our fingers to hear a good news tomorrow😃
Will inform you about the result again🍀
Again, thank you so much to all of you to being with us❤️
Love you all
Have a lovely weekend❤️

Can’t concentrate……

Hi everyone!
This is Violet. Not a sketch and not so good news for today!
The day before yesterday night, Malus had no willing to eat his food. And yesterday just little! I took him to the vet this morning and veterinary surgeon made a quick blood, urine test and x ray. Unfortunately liver function test value was not so good. The surgeon asked for more detailed tests and also said Malus must have IV quickly.
So he is staying in hospital now😢 And maybe for more days😢 I will have the result tomorrow and will informed about how many days he has to stay there( just praying for his health and his quick return to home)

Malus is a calm cat at home but hate to go outside specially vet!
When he saw his special carrying bag, he got where I’m going to take him and immediately hide behind his box! And when the Surgeon wanted to see him ,he turned to a LION!!! (I think! )And 4 nurses to keep him calm!
Screamiiiiiiiiiinnnnnggggggggggg ……….
And I had to left him there……. 😢😢😢
So this is the reason that I cannot concentrate to sketching.
Waiting for his return to home, in healthy condition❤️❤️❤️
He is my best sketch partner!!!!❤️❤️❤️
Here is his face in the car, little nervous!



Painting Inside the Box

Beautiful paintings of my cat , Malus❤️ By dear creative friend Lucy (
We both are really appreciate lovely Lucy ❤️

Lucy's VisualFling

I’m sharing four quick studies. Using a timer, I did two 5-minute sketches and two 10-minute sketches of a cat asleep in a box.

The inspiration photo for these four was posted a few days ago on “Violet Gallery” and the other sketch was from the post

Here are the timed paintings (last one first, then the whole group, plus a 7-minute sketch of the same cat from the 15th of August).

Digital CameraDigital CameraMalus sitting on a Violet's book

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Red sketch! Red friend!

Hi everyone!
For today a quick, red sketch!
And a red friend for me too!
Here I would like to introduce you my red friend!
“Hi, Malus!”

Mmmm, let me see you!

Hi, red friend!

Ok, let’s play like thiiiiiisss!!!!


Ah, it was fun! I need a rest!

“It seems he likes me! ❤️”


Shells again😃

Hi everyone!
Today’s Violet sketch is shells from a place that I haven’t visited there yet! ( sea)


Quick(3colors) sketch!

Hi everyone!
Today Violet did a quick sketch, used only 3 colors.

“Violet, you can sketch me, using only 2 colors! ”

“3colors for you too Malus! You forget your pink nose I think!!!😁😁😁”

Have a beautiful weekend dear friends❤️

Starfish and shells

Hi everyone!
It’s near the end of August but here is still hooooootttt!
For today a sketch of summer scene!
And here is Malus, maybe dreaming a summer seaside view! 😁


New box?? New shoes???

” Whhhhhhaaaaaaaattttttt? A New box for me?????”

“No ,Malus! It’s a new shoes for me!!!!😁 and I need the box!😁”

Dried plant

Hi everyone!
Here is a colored pencil sketch of dried plant(root?). Usually used for Christmas wreath( and has remained from last year! )
Mmmm, I think it will be a good toy for me!

(No Malus, not this one! Please play with YOUR toys!😁)