Before they change colors!

Hi everyone!
First of all, I should tell you about my health condition!
On Friday , no willing to eating again and it made Violet really worry . so she contact to the vet and he said take me to the hospital on Saturday again! Doc. said maybe my stomach is sensitive to medicines!
Any way I went to that place that I call it HELL!
I had to stay for half day for X-ray and blood test again!
You can imagine that I turned to a lion and shouting!!!! Screaming ,Battling with vet and 4 nurses who tried to keep me calm!!!!
In the afternoon Violet came to pick me up and I heard vet is talking about my situation! My blood test was really better than before, almost near normal but my stomach !!!! Vet said because of my shouting and battling , I have swallowed too much air inside!!!!! and it is the cause of I don’t feel hungry!!!!!
Also no need another blood test for Tuesday( today) and I have to continue my medicines for another 2weeks and after that blood test again!
Anyway I was happy to come back home and you can’t believe after that I’ve started to eating,drinking again!!!( Maybe this time,my screams helps my stomach to be empty of air!!!!! )

So, this is the reason that Violet didn’t do her sketches and I can’t complain to her, you know better why!
“Glad you understand it Malus!!!😁”
She had a walk today and she sketched leaves before they change their colors❤️


47 responses to “Before they change colors!

  1. Hope Malus keeps okay, it’s lovely seeing his little face pop up in the inbox with your artwork, Violet. His behaviour at the vet’s reminds me of when our little dog, Ziggy, came out of the anaesthetic after being spayed and he had a panic attack. He started screaming and my husband had to calm him down and the vet too who was really upset by Ziggy’s screaming, thought he was in pain but it was a panic attack!

    • Thank you so much Crazy Crone 😘
      Ah, it is really hard and sad to see them in panic attacks!
      I can’t explaine how Malus acts when he go there! Really 4 nurses to keep his legs and hands!!!! And I think it cause him more stress ….. But no way as well!
      I’m wonder when he came back he started to eat ( maybe he knows if he doesn’t he has to visit the vet again!!!!😁)

  2. Poor Malus got air in his tummy. No wonder you didn’t want to eat.

    Violet, the leaves are beautiful, my dear friend!
    xxx ♥

    • Thank you so much dear my dear Deb! ❤️
      Fortunately he is ok now,eating ,drinking as usual! ( maybe he knows if he doesn’t HE HAS TO VISIT THERE AGAIN!!!!😁)

  3. Oh poor Malus. It’s horrible to have too much air in your stomach. But I can’t believe you yell so much! Poor Violet. You will make her so worried she won’t want to eat. I am glad Violet is sketching again.

    • Ah, dear Gallivanta ,
      It is really hard to see him in that situation…. Even I cannot believe he is the Same Malus when he visit the vet! It’s unbelievable panic and he screamed until moth water is coming out……. I cann’t control my tears when I see him like that…..
      Fortunately everything is fine at this moment and I hope it continue😃

      • That’s good. When I took my dog to the vet for surgery he was quite okay. But when I came to pick him up, he was so upset about being left there, he cried, like a little child. It was terrible. I felt so bad for leaving him. He sobbed all the way home and then I held him for about an hour and he was still crying. Let’s hope our little friends stay healthy, indeed.

      • They can’t talk but their attitude means more than talking!
        They are really cute and smart creatures❤️
        You are right, hope our little friends stay healthy❤️

  4. So glad Malus is doing much better and his blood tests are almost back to normal. Hope all the air in his tummy goes away and Malus will be back to his usual self.
    Great sketch Violet! You have a nice collection of leaves there 🙂

  5. ah so sorry Malus has not been well again. Malus, I cannot imagine you battling with the vet and 4 nurses ! You are very brave though ! I hope you are feeling well again now. Gorgeous leaves Violet, and very beautiful writing 🙂 best wishes to you and Malus. xxx

  6. Lovely Malus it is not easy to be checked and take medicine, etc. but you know everything for your health and I am sure everything will be normal again. I and my cat Princess, we send our love and hugs to you, she doesn’t like vet visits too as you 🙂 Give a bir cat hug and kiss to dear Violet, how she worries I can feel her. My best wishes for you both, I loved these leaves… Thank you, love, nia

  7. Thank you so much dear Nia for your kind comment❤️❤️❤️
    My kisses and hugs to you and Princess cat❤️

  8. Malus, I wish you could understand that staying calm would help. Happy to hear you are eating again but please do try to be a good kitty. Get well. Don’t worry dear Violet anymore.
    Violet, I do love your leaves and one must hurry before they do start changing color! 🙂 Hugs to you both.

    • Thank you so much dear Susan for your kind comment! ❤️
      I think Malus is getting better😊

      Here is still warm but it is really interesting that trees know
      It is time for wearing new clothes!!!!
      I’m in hurry to draw more!!!
      Why I haven’t done during summer!!?? I’m asking myself😁😁😁

  9. Rosa de los Vientos

    What a lot of worries for you Violet. Happy to see Malus home. Vets aren’t nice people.

  10. Oh, goodness…so sorry to hear that Malus had to spend more time at the vet’s. Hopefully everything will be okay now!

  11. Hurrah for Malus. So glad he is home and doesn’t need any more shots..

  12. Malus you act like a tiger but seems to go back to the hospital and that is no good news. I am sure that Violet is worried for you as we are all also. You will have to count up to three and take a deep breath and feel better. We like Violet sketching very much and lately you become the main news. Of-course we don’t mind to read about you but we rather read good news and see you doing your modling business instead. So welcome home again and hope to read that tomorrow you are early for breakfast and going back to your own self and Violet flooded us with great colourful sketches that we love 🙂 xx

    • Dear Doron ,
      Thank you so much for your kind, sweet comment❤️
      He is getting better and this is all I want😊
      So when he is fine, I have my boss and he is watching me to do my daily job!!😁

  13. Ah, great great news, Malus!!! So no shouting form now on and Violet can go back to her painting!!!! A big hug to you, Malus and a kiss to poor Violet who’s been very worried lately!!! 🙂 xx

    • Thank you so much my dear Marina for your kind, sweet comment❤️
      He will have another test 2 weeks later but I think it gonna be ok😊
      He is getting better and hope he goes in this way😊

  14. Star of the show, Malus. And your leaves are so pretty! Wink.

  15. Oh Malus! Be calm… be the Buddha on the Lotus not the Lion roaring your displeasure. Your dearest Violet saved you when you were a baby and only wants the best for you, as do we all! Glad to know the “numbers” are better!

  16. Poor Malus sending you both love xxx

  17. I love your ginkgo leaves! I love that you are doing a sketchbook. Gotta get off this computer and start artwork myself! Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Ah, thank you do much dear Hollis for your kind comment❤️
      I really appreciate and in fact you dear friends kind comment are a big inspiration (support)for me too❤️❤️❤️

  18. Hope your cat is better! It’s a hard pain to go through!

  19. I feel so bad for Malus – he is going to appreciate you all the more. The poor thing having to go through such trauma, I can almost hear his screams. Happy that his tests are nearly normal, just a little while longer and then he can rest again.

    • Thank you so much dear Mary for your kind comment! He is better now and has to take medicine for another one week and again a blood test.
      Hope everything be fine❤️

  20. Dear Malus, I wish you could trust the vet as Violet is taking you there to help you. Nonetheless, I sympathize with your distress, and hope you have a quiet and restorative afternoon for both of your sakes. ❤

  21. Great news and painting!

  22. My dear Malus, visiting the vet brings the fiercest lion out, no doubt. We know how scaring this is. Just to make you feel better, one of my kitties (who is deaf and screams and spits at his heart’s content at the vet) needs to be handled with a falconer gauntlet …

    Be well, sweetheart ♥

    • Thank you so much dear Carmen for your kind comment!
      Fortunately Malus tests results get really better ( he had another test last week) and now he doesn’t need to take medicine and will have another test for one month later. He is not eating as before but Bette than before❤️
      Hope your cat be in complete health too❤️

  23. Glad to hear good news about Malus!. Have you tried feeding him another food variety, even just a different flavour, to entice him?.

    My little white “lion” lacked appetite for long, his spleen condition was worrying, but after the dental cleaning and teeth extractions because of gengivitis, he regained an excellent appetite and weight. Periodontal disease can be lethal, and coupled with other conditions makes everything more difficult. Just make double sure that Malus’s mouth is healthy. Here is to good results next month. ♥ Keep strong darling Malus ♥

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