Hi everyone !
Many days delay in Violet post !
” Malus, you know I was busy ! ”
Well ,she was busy for preparation her younger daughter school trip ! And at least today she had time to draw Venice of a photo that she had taken before❤
By the way , I found this carry bag very comfortable !

And also interesting !!!!



20 responses to “Venice

  1. …and she did a really nice drawing of Venice too!
    Planning to go on vacation, Malus?!!!

    • Thank you so much dear Marina ! My honeymoon memories there😃
      Malus? He is just sitting inside bag and doesn’t let us preparation for my daughter trip!!!!! 😁

  2. Wonderful composition and painting in general. Thanks for visiting me. Rlte

  3. Whoa– I love the depth in this piece and also how you did the shadows of the buildings. So beautiful!

  4. Wonder what Malus found in the suitcase? Hidden treasures maybe? 😉
    Nice sketch of Venice!

  5. That’s a lovely sketch.

  6. Are you trying to get yourself packed for the school trip, Malus?

  7. A lovely sketch Violet! I think Malus wants a holiday….

  8. Such a lovely view going down the cannel – I imagine the sights and sounds as you bring us through the wonderful cannel of Venice.

  9. My absolute favorite, Violet. This is wonderful!

  10. So romantic! I’d love to go there someday!

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