Cape Gooseberry

Hi everyone!
Today I found this cape gooseberry and happy to find my today’s sketch item 😃
By the way , Malus is sleeping now and absent for helping me!!!
Today he has chosen his round box as his bed😃

Sweet dreams Malus❤❤❤

21 responses to “Cape Gooseberry

  1. Malus is so cute! Awesome latest painting, the leaves are so delicate – really lovely piece Violet!

  2. How lovely to see a Cape Gooseberry. Where did you find it? Malus has a funky round bed.

  3. Beautifully done, Violet!
    🙂 xxx

  4. Beautiful fragile leaves, an awesome painting, Violet. Malus is a painting purring in his sleep again, I see!

    • Thank you so much dear Scott ! I’m waiting for flowers to dry because it is much more interesting and only the skeleton will remain 😃
      Will sketch it when it happens😃

  5. I love the botanic subjects for watercolor. You did a great work!

  6. This is truly lovely, Violet!

  7. Interesting looking plant- I’ve never come across it.
    Malus is coiled like a snake… Or a snail!?

    • They are interesting specially when those flowers get dry and only the skeleton will remain !
      I’m waiting for that and will sketch it when it happens😃
      Malus can be a cat , snail , snake , circle……. , MYSTERIOUS CAT !!!!! 😁

  8. That’s lovely, Violet!

  9. Beautiful drawing and I love your image of Malus.

  10. I love both these images Violet! 🙂

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