Monthly Archives: September 2013

Quick sketch

Hi everyone !
Today Violet was busy with packing winter clothes and some other stuffs for her elder daughter who left to abroad for university !
So a quick sketch of flower on the table , her first challenge by watercolor pastels .

She arranged a box for packing , A BOX! Boooooxxxxx !!!
And I’m sure you know better what happened then !!!!!


Sketching people

Hi everyone ,
Today Violet has sketched people while she was sitting in a coffee shop ! She said it was difficult because the models are moving !!!
” Malus , don’t move , you are a good model for my shot now ! ”
” Ok , I will make a smiley face Violet ! I’m ready , cheeesssee!!! ”


Spain , Granada

Hi everyone !
Today’s Violet sketch is Spain , Granada sunset .

Do you know what I’m looking at ?
I’m chasing sunshine reflection that appears on the wall and move up and down !!!!! Well I’m sure this is Violet who is doing that using mirror to play with me !!!!

” 😁😁😁😁”


Hi everyone !
Today’s sketch is roses that Violet has decorated on the table !
I like their sweet smell and sometimes jump on the table and sniff them !
Even I can smell them from here ( in the photo ! )


Greece, Mykonos

Hi everyone !
I’m playing hide and seek with Violet now and just a quick introduction of today’s Violet sketch !
It is beautiful Greece , Mykonos alleyway.

Ah, Violet is coming !



Hi everyone !
Today Violet has sketched one of romantic city in Italy, Venice !
And here is my photo too ! Me and my new toy , ribbon !!!!


Gentian flower

Hi everyone !
Today’s sketch is gentian flower that Violet has bought yesterday !
Also today , I found a new box too!
Maybe I should ask Violet to put a warm mat in the box for my winter time!!!

Have a nice weekend everyone !

Persian Water Pot

Hi everyone!
For today , a quick sketch of a persian sorvenire that Violet had bought years ago !
It is a persian ceramic pot ( a copy of pot that had used in Persia palace , thousand years ago ) .
She loves to buy such special sorvenires when she is traveling !

“Violet , Violet ! Look at me ! I can make the same face as it ! How do you think Violet? ”


Little Autumn

Hi everyone !
Today Violet has found many acorns near her friend’s house ! She has decorated them now and we have little autumn around !

“Violet , why I’m in the middle of this autumn photos!!!???? ”
” I saw you are taking nap in autumn warm sunshine and it is another sign I think ! 😁”

Timed sketch

Hi everyone !
Today Violet did another timed sketch ! 10 minutes for this sketch in a coffee shop (=^ェ^=)
She said it was little bit difficult to draw the people there because they were moving quickly !
“So , you left me alone again for a coffee in coffee shop again ?????”

” Forgive me , Sr.!!!!!😁”