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Hi everyone!
Today Violet did a quick sketch of a café near her home . A perfect place for refreshment, relaxing and a nice coffee !

“Violet , you should take e there too! ”
” Ok, Malus. But only if you drink coffee! 😃”


Hi everyone !

I get hurt my nail!!!!!
Today , I tried to clime of Violet bookshelf but I couldn’t have a successful jump, fell down with some books!!!! so my nail get hurt and broken!
Violet was shocked when she saw my nail is bleeding . Maybe shocked more than me!
Now I’m ok, sitting in my basket and relaxing!
But honestly it was painful although I didn’t show such feeling to Violet !

Ah, I was forgetting about Violet sketch !
She draw this rickshaw of a photo of Japan . An old traditional human powered transport which a runner drew a two-wheeled cart which seats one or two people .
” Violet , did you try that ? ”
” oh, no, never! Worrying about the person who is drawing me! 😃”

Santorini’ s sky❤

Hi everyone !

Today Violet’s sketch is about Santorini blue sky ❤
And my today’s situation : still in the box!!!!!

Have a nice weekend, all dear friends 😃(=^ェ^=)❤

Another box, another hydrangea !


Hi everyone!
This is my new box! Something from Amazon for Violet today. So when I saw the box just jumped in That !!!’
And here another hydrangea sketch from Violet! (=^ェ^=)



Hi everyone!
Today violet sketched this waterfall of a photo that she had taken before❤
And here is me enjoying sunshine again !


Old man !

Hi everyone !
Today violet has chosen another photo of Croatia ! But not building , sketched a busker playing traditional Croatian folk music with a 3-string instrument (lijerica) in the old city of Dubrovnik, Croatia.


And she has taken this picture not from my face ! A strange angle !!!!
” Violet , what is going on with you !!??? Take a normal photo of me !!! ”
” Hehehe , Maluuuuusss, it is a masterpiece !!! You looks like a gray mountain !!!!! ”

Delphinium flower

Hi everyone!
Today we had sunshine again so you can imagine me and what I did! Yes, enjoying sunshine .
It seems from tomorrow it turns to cloudy and rain again ! Nooooooooooo………..
By the way, here is today’s Violet sketch. What she has decorated on table .
Delphinium flower . Violet loves their blue and purple petals(=^ェ^=)


Santorini , Greece

Hi everyone !
At least we had sunshine today and I fully enjoyed it!!! Ah, perfect !!!!!
How fantastic is to take a nap under waaaarrrrm sunshine!
Violet has sketched Santorini , Greece for today . It seems she was waiting to blue sky too!

Wish you all a beautiful day too❤

Another hydrangea flower❤

Hi everyone !
Still raining here!
Here is violet today’s sketch .another color of hydrangea ❤

“Violet , it’s boring . How many days should I stay at home without sunshine !!!! “


Hi everyone !
Today was a rainy day again . No sunshine to take rest under that !
Violet was looking for today’s sketch item and she found a photo from her husband album . She doesn’t know where it is exactly ( again!!!! ) but beautiful landscape picture , so she has sketched it for today(=^ェ^=)

“Ah, Violet , do you know how I want to be in such place , running around, sunshine, …..”
“Really? But there is no box, basket or blanket there. ”
” Oh, no. Forget about nature!!! Will miss my basketssssss!!!! ”