Another box, another hydrangea !


Hi everyone!
This is my new box! Something from Amazon for Violet today. So when I saw the box just jumped in That !!!’
And here another hydrangea sketch from Violet! (=^ェ^=)


18 responses to “Another box, another hydrangea !

  1. Magnifique ! I love it really, really very much !!!

  2. Oh, those colors, Violet – just gorgeous, my dear!!!!

  3. One can never have too many boxes Malus 🙂 another Beautiful Hydrangea Violet, love your pinks 🙂

  4. Rosa de los Vientos

    Beautiful happy drawing, Violet. Malus, the barcode of your jacket does not correspond to the one on the box. That box is not yours. (Unless your second name is Amazon. Malus Amazon.)

  5. What a wonderful colour combination, Violet. I’m sure the box is nice too, Malus, but I think Violet’s sketch is nicer.

  6. Boxes are the best toy Malus, but my Ruby likes to eat them! Violet’s sketch is beautiful!

  7. Love these luscious colors – flowers and your paints are a wonderful combination!

  8. Malus just loves those boxes!

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