Sweet Pea


Hi everyone!
Here is Today’s Violet sketch, almost violet color sweet pea!
She loves their smell and I like them too❤️
By the way, this is me behind the ipad!!!!



36 responses to “Sweet Pea

  1. I love sweet peas, on of my favourite flowers and that purple is brilliant. We are really delighted today – our eldest cat disappeared and today we discovered she’d been locked by accident in one of the upstairs apartments which is empty for most of the year. She was seen by accident at the kitchen window and released after 4.5 days missing, I think she’s used up quite a few of her 9 lives.

    • They are lovely flowers❤️thank you for your kind words❤️
      Ah, I’m so happy you’ve discovered her! I can understand how did you feel because I have the same experience about Malus when he was 2 years old!
      Really good to hear she is safe and beside you now😃❤️

  2. The sketch is lovely, and Malus as handsome as ever!
    And SOOOOO happy that “The Crazy Crone” discovered their lost kitty; wonderful news!

  3. Thank you, Dianna, Jezebel is staying very close to us today, even tolerated a slurp from our littlest dog!

  4. Hi Malus!
    That’s lovely, Violet! I love that color!! 🙂

  5. Beautiful Violet ! Great pose by Malus, and very good news about Jezebel ! 🙂 x

  6. Adorable flower. You are a darling blossom, too, sweet Malus. ♥

    It is always good news when a kitty is back home.

    • Thank you do much dear Carmen for tout kind comment❤️❤️I and Malus really appreciate😃❤️❤️
      Home sweet home! For human and kitties, dogs….

  7. Beautiful flowers. Malus 😀

  8. Super lovely.

  9. Lovely! Good job!

  10. Love it, especially over the book 🙂

  11. This is beautiful!

  12. simply magnifique, Violet… admiration and respect for your genuine talent! Bonne continuation, thanx for dropping by my crossroads & friendly thoughts, Mélanie

  13. So delicate! love it! 😀

  14. The perfect flower and colour for you Violet. Malus, can you see my blog on the iPad? Did Violet show you my Zoe cat?

  15. Always beautiful make me smile 🙂

  16. Violet, a stunning sketch, such a beautiful shade of purple!

  17. Violet, I have not found a violet I like so much as what you have used to paint this sweet-pea. Can you tell me the brand and color so I can get a tube?
    (Malus, was it warm behind the iPad? With changing leaves you must be getting an occasional chill there.)

    • Hi dear Lucy!
      It was a long time I haven’t been around and also I found your comment without reply and my apologize !
      I usually don’t use tubes color. I use soiled, Winser & Newton watercolors.
      In this painting I used Purple lake and murve and little bit red.
      Hope it help.😊
      Sorry to answer so late😔

  18. It is alright. I go through patches where I am online a lot, or barely at all. Thanks for writing back. I enjoy hearing from you and seeing what Malus has posted. 😉

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