Persian Jar

Hi everyone!
Today’s sketch is a souvenir from Iran, a persian jar, mostly use for rose water.
By the way, did you know Violet loooooooooovvvvvveeeeesssss snow!!!!
Even when it is snowing, she loves to go outside and makes snowman with her daughter!!!! I don’t like snow because I was born in Qatar
(My story!
But something inside me tell me to go and see it!!! So here is today’s photo of me!
My paws

Violet paws??????!!!!!!

Again my paw


24 responses to “Persian Jar

  1. Happy paws!!!!! Enjoy the snow, Violet [and Malus – you’ll get to like it, I’m sure!] 🙂 xx

  2. very nice persian jar. Violet. Great to see Malus braving the snow ! 🙂 x

  3. Lovely sketch – beautiful lines.

  4. Hope you don’t get too cold playing in the snow Malus!

  5. Sweet little paw prints, Malus!! (Oh, and beautiful sketch of the Persian Jar!)

  6. Oh….sweet story of you, Malus. Shame on those children for kicking you. God bless Violet and her family for giving you your furever home!

  7. You are so brave Malus!

  8. Lovely sketch violet ! Lovely paws Malus ! 😀

  9. Lovely Persian Jar! Well done Violet! Malus stay warm. I understand because I really don’t like the snow especially after 4 months of it!!

  10. I like your Persian jar. Thank you for sharing Malus’ story with us.

  11. Love the sketch of the jar and kitty tracks in the snow.

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