Hi dear friends !

It is June and time to enjoy hydrangea flowers . Violet bought this blue one today and a quick sketch !
While she was sketching , I was doing my job in balcony !

” What kind of job , Malus? ! You mean sleeping ???? ”


“What ? Did you say something!!!!! “


24 responses to “Hydrangea

  1. I love hydrangea! Lovely job!

  2. veraersilia

    Sooo beuatiful! I love hydrangeas.

  3. Your hydrangea makes me long to see mine bloom in the garden! Soon. Lovely Violet.

  4. Oh, I love hydrangeas of this color. Beautifully done, Violet!!!!

    • Thank you so much dear Marina ❤ I heard soil type and their colors are related. I found dark red ( like Aliz crimson) color today ! They were really beautiful ❤

  5. Really beautiful, I love very much hydrangea !

  6. I have only little leaves on mine 😦
    Love the blue ones Violet and you’ve certainly done it justice with r pretty deilcate painting .
    Malus there looks most put out to have his nap disturbed !

    • Thank you o much dear Poppy ! Here is the season of them , many colors around !
      I think I disturbed him by taking his picture!!!!!😃

  7. and I should go back for one …*your and *delicate spellings …

  8. I love Hydrangeas but Malus doesn’t look like he likes them!

  9. Lovely Violet – I’ve never had luck with my Hydrangeas, so I’m just going to enjoy yours! Wonderful delicacy achieved.

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