Watercolour and pencil sketch😃

11 responses to “Morocco

  1. Violet, is there some place you have’nt been to? 😀

    For a change, I’ll criticize this time. In my humble opinion the perspective here is not so good as in your other works and the whole scene seems to be missing any lights and shades, which makes it a bit less capturing than most of your other works.

    Your technique is great as usual. : )

    • Thank so much Tahir for your comment😃 I should say you are right about perspective ! But it was a good practice for me to learn I DON’T PREFER PENCIL FOR SKETCHING!!!! Because I cannot give the shades and deepens to the sketch I think😃 also this one I tried to do the sky by new technique and may be I forgot about the rest!!!!😁
      Anyway, I appreciate your words😃

  2. I find it beautiful and what may seem to be “lacking in perspective”[javrd comment] is, in my opinion a different point of view which works really well with the sky. I like that approach, Violet!

    • Thank you so much Marina ❤❤❤ I really appreciate your kind comment❤❤❤ I explained about this sketch to Jvard too and may be pencil is my weak point! Also as you mentioned, I tried new technique for sky and may be it made me busy to forget about els😁
      Thank you so much for your kindness❤❤❤

  3. I really like this approach, Violet and the sky complements it in a very nice way.

  4. Creative garden

    Hello! Today I nominated you for the Sunshine Award.
    Check my post if interested.
    Have a wonderful day!

  5. I especially love this one. I love the geometric qualities, and the soft colors are great!

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