Hi everyone!
Here is today’s Violet sketch, a quick sketch of trees while she had a walk in the park!
It is March but still cold and winter is not leaving!
It seems we have to wait another months to see the fresh green leaf.
And me , enjoying MY ipad!!!!


15 responses to “Trees

  1. what a comfy pillow you have Malus 🙂 very nice trees Violet (think you may have to get a second iPad !) x

    • Thank you so much dear Victoria!❤️
      I’m wonder why he has chosen ipad recently!!! Even when he woke up , he immediately sits on that!!!!cats are mysterious!!!😁

  2. Lovely trees Violet!

  3. Lovely! And Malus is always dignified! 😉 Cool iPad cover too! xxx

  4. croquedessin

    😀 Now you have to buy another ipad Violet ! 😀

  5. Yours without a doubt, sweet Malus 🙂 What a lovely design, at first sight the apple looks like a kitty head. Or is it? 😉 Enjoy your wintry siestas while Violet keeps sketching delightful scenes!.

  6. Violet sorry for not being often i miss your work and company see you soon xxx

  7. lovely Malus, I loved your trees. Thank you dear Violet, love, nia

  8. Lovely, Violet and Malus, what a nice i-pad you have! 🙂 !! xx

  9. The sketch has a bit of a spooky feel- like an enchanted forest. Like it a lot!

  10. A delicate and beautiful rendition. No wonder Malus is enjoying it and relaxed.

  11. Has Violet painted her nails to match the sketch? And, Malus, I am sure Apple didn’t know they were creating a cat pillow; you should tell them about your discovery. It may become a best seller. 😉

  12. It was very nice of her to buy you a nice warm iPad to sleep on.

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