Montmartre , France

Hi everyone!
Today I’ve found a nice place for playing , hide and seek…… New shopping bag!
And also here is Violet today’s sketch : Montmartre , France (=^ェ^=)


20 responses to “Montmartre , France

  1. Beautiful ! I was there a few months ago !
    Yes Malus, it’s a good place for you… 😉

    • Thank you so much dear Arielle! You always make me happy❤
      Ah, how great you were there recently. I haven’t visit there for years and wish to travel there again❤

  2. Ah Violet, beautiful painting, such crisp details and colours, and the texture of the paper adds a dimension. Very Nice 🙂 love Malus in the bag 🙂 xx

  3. Ah, Violet, I really like this… less greens but so beautiful!
    🙂 xxxx

  4. kitty is so cute…. i’d love a few euros and a day of shopping here. AND i’m NOT a shopper unless there’s “atmosphere”. 🙂

  5. Very nice sketch Violet! So colorful and bright.Well done! 🙂

  6. Super painting Violet today, I am waiting for your new bags with your logo on Amazone, great idea (send me 10% PR).

  7. Beautiful , love Sacre Coeur 🙂

  8. Very nice sketch Violet, I love the little paint palette hanging up on the wall and Malus looks like he likes shopping!

  9. I love this, Violet.

  10. Love this sketch Violet!

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