Quick sketch!

Hi everyone!
Here is a quick sketch of what Violet has decorated in the kitchen!
And here is me in my new box!

I think it’s little bit small!!!

13 responses to “Quick sketch!

  1. Lovely as always Violet! 🙂

  2. croquedessin

    Quickly done but well done ! Malus is not happy in his new box ? ::D

  3. It’s lovely, Violet! 🙂 Happy Wednesday! 🙂 xx

  4. Lovely sketch….and YAY for a new box, Malus!

  5. Always lovely fun and artiness going on in your house Violet !

  6. Rosa de los Vientos

    I think Malus is sketching as well.

  7. Malus-your willingness to work with what you have is always inspiring 🙂 – a very lovely sketch too Violet!

  8. What a lovely sketch!

  9. Lovely container painting Violet!

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