Another snack!!!!

Hi everyone !
Today Violet has sketched another favorite snack, Mandarin Orange!
” Malus, this is your favorite one too, isn’t it?”
“Well, yes, I love it’s sweet taste!”


28 responses to “Another snack!!!!

  1. Our dogs absolutely adore mandarin oranges!

  2. Your mandarin orange sketch looks good enough to gobble up! Who wouldn’t love a mandarin orange?? 🙂

  3. Your mandarin is so beautifully painted Violet !
    No fruit eating puss cat in our house Lol .. Malus is having one of his 5 a day 😉

    • Thank you so much dear Poppy!
      I really surprised when I see Malus is eager to licking mandarin orange!
      And he prefers to have only half of one portion juice!
      Strange cat!!!😃

  4. Hmmmm ! Delicious ! 😉

  5. Never knew that cats like manadrins but if it is one of yours Violet I am not surprise! (y)

  6. So natural it makes me feel healthy!

  7. Lovely job, violet. and as always, i love kitty. 😉 he makes me smile. enjoy your lovely fruit. xox

  8. camilla wells paynter

    Wonderful! I’ve been savoring these winter treats myself lately. Malus looks a bit skeptical in the photo!

  9. Malus, you have good taste 🙂

  10. Love this juicy looking orange!

  11. Awesome details!!! 😀 Great job!

  12. Great job on the sketch! The detailing is perfect.

  13. Looks juicy yummy! Beautiful.

  14. Looks good enough to take a bite!

  15. I can smell the citrus aroma! Beautiful.

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