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Witch !

Hi everyone !
Today’s sketch item is WITCH !!!
I know them ! Because cats are friend with them as it is said in stories ! But the reason that Violet has chosen this subject for today is :
She was searching in Internet about her preference herbs shop around where she is living and she found a very interesting shop about dry herbs and witches !
The shop has their own original and handmade kitchen witches dolls and also dry herbs !
As she loves witches and their stories (and maybe she sometimes feels like them !!!!!!! ) , she visited that shop !
This sketch is the shop entrance mark !
She has other sketches and stories from that shop and will post tomorrow !
” By the way Violet , do you know how to fly by broomstick ? If you want to be a witch you should master it first ! Look at me . Should do it like this ”

” Malus, I think it is Superman flying style 😁! Not a witch !😁”