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Windy day!

Hi everyone!
It is the middle of spring and the weather is warm but changing everyday!
Windy, raining, sunny,cloudy…
But, I never complain about that because I have my own places,boxes, pillows ,mat and can enjoy in any occasion!
Here is a sketch of sea in windy day!
And here is me enjoying my box in a windy day!


Rain Drops

Hi everyone!
Violet has chosen a simple item for today’s drawing!
And it is today’s weather! Rainy weather and rain drops on the paper!!!


And this is me, enjoying nap in a warm place!


Hot, Hot ,Hot summer!

Hi everyone !
Recently it is really getting hot here, unusual summer and never had experienced like this hot summer before! Very difficult to go out even for short minutes!
Violet is saying outside is hot, hot ,hot all the time and taking iced drink ( I think too much ! ) to keep cool !!!!
While she was drinking her iced tea today, she had sketched it for today’s item .
” Violet , iced drink is fine but don’t take too much sweets ! You know better what will happen to you ……! ”
” Malus, it is nice to have them sometimes , relaxing brain ! ”
” Relaxing brain!!!???? It is just a excuse for eating sweets , isn’t it? Just do like I do. You can keep cool your body and mind and it is the best way for relaxing , look…”




Hi everyone!

Today  was a cloudy , cold day!  strange weather this year as Violet is saying!!! Yesterday ,it was warm and nice ,today again need heater!!!

By the way , I would like to introduce you my lovely heater(=^ェ^=)


Violet’s computer!!! Ah , I love that waaaarrrm breeze from back side of computer! specially     In winter it works as stove for me!!!

“Malus ,how about my sketch? Any explanation ????”

“ok, ok ! Here is today’s Violet sketch.  Carnation .”