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Playing with metallic colors!

Hi everyone!
For today just playing with metallic colors and a quick illustration of Christmas ornament!

And here is Malus, sleeping and maybe playing with Christmas ornaments in his dream!😁


Handmade Christmas decoration

Hi everyone!
How are you doing dear friends?
We are sure all of you are busy in this time of year!
Violet is the same condition too! She has sketched almost everyday but no time for posting them!
So today she will post 3 of them on date she had sketched them!
This one is Violet handmade Christmas decoration ❤️
Hope you all have a wonderful time on the rest of this year❤️
By the Violet , what is this? Can I eat them?


Winter preparation!

Hi everyone!
Violet is busy with preparation for Christmas , winter, holidays !
Today’s sketch is winter colors towels!
She loves to change home’s small stuff colors in each season!
“Sniff , sniff”
“Violet , good smell here! What’s that? ”

“That is lavender potpourri between towels! They make you relax!
you have already made a relaxed face, Malus!!!”

Spain , Granada

Hi everyone !
Today’s Violet sketch is Spain , Granada sunset .

Do you know what I’m looking at ?
I’m chasing sunshine reflection that appears on the wall and move up and down !!!!! Well I’m sure this is Violet who is doing that using mirror to play with me !!!!

” 😁😁😁😁”