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Before they change colors!

Hi everyone!
First of all, I should tell you about my health condition!
On Friday , no willing to eating again and it made Violet really worry . so she contact to the vet and he said take me to the hospital on Saturday again! Doc. said maybe my stomach is sensitive to medicines!
Any way I went to that place that I call it HELL!
I had to stay for half day for X-ray and blood test again!
You can imagine that I turned to a lion and shouting!!!! Screaming ,Battling with vet and 4 nurses who tried to keep me calm!!!!
In the afternoon Violet came to pick me up and I heard vet is talking about my situation! My blood test was really better than before, almost near normal but my stomach !!!! Vet said because of my shouting and battling , I have swallowed too much air inside!!!!! and it is the cause of I don’t feel hungry!!!!!
Also no need another blood test for Tuesday( today) and I have to continue my medicines for another 2weeks and after that blood test again!
Anyway I was happy to come back home and you can’t believe after that I’ve started to eating,drinking again!!!( Maybe this time,my screams helps my stomach to be empty of air!!!!! )

So, this is the reason that Violet didn’t do her sketches and I can’t complain to her, you know better why!
“Glad you understand it Malus!!!😁”
She had a walk today and she sketched leaves before they change their colors❤️


Hi dear friends!

Where is here? It is the way coming back to home❤️
Today I had another blood test ,not so bad but still not normal!
Will have a check for next week again!

Hi every one!
Today Malus had another blood test and the result was really much better than before❤️ the vet told me it is not from his liver straightly. It is because of his gallbladder seems little bit swollen and it effects to his liver.
He said recently it becoming very popular among dogs and cats and still nobody knows the exact reason! The most things that vets are thinking about that is dog and cats food( maybe)
Before it was popular to use one kind of food for pets but now because of the effects it’s better to change the food sometimes. Even for good and famous brands as well!
Malus will have another test for next week. Also taking medicine for another one week….

“What, that small, tiny ,unclear taste things you mean???”


“Yes ,Malus! I know you don’t like them but you have to!!!”

Once again thank you so much dear friends for staying with me and for your kind thoughts and supports❤️ I don’t know how to appreciate to you, words are not enough ….
I just did a little sketch , sending my feeling to you all dear friends ❤️❤️❤️

Violet xxx

Still in hospital!

Hi everyone!
Thank you so much for your kind supports and warm thoughts!
I really appreciate❤️ your prayers make me think positive and I’m sure they are reached to Malus too❤️
Today I visited vet and blood test result was not so bad😃 Malus has stared eating😃
He will have another blood test and sonography tomorrow and if the result be good, he can come back home😃❤️
We are crossing our fingers to hear a good news tomorrow😃
Will inform you about the result again🍀
Again, thank you so much to all of you to being with us❤️
Love you all
Have a lovely weekend❤️

Can’t concentrate……

Hi everyone!
This is Violet. Not a sketch and not so good news for today!
The day before yesterday night, Malus had no willing to eat his food. And yesterday just little! I took him to the vet this morning and veterinary surgeon made a quick blood, urine test and x ray. Unfortunately liver function test value was not so good. The surgeon asked for more detailed tests and also said Malus must have IV quickly.
So he is staying in hospital now😢 And maybe for more days😢 I will have the result tomorrow and will informed about how many days he has to stay there( just praying for his health and his quick return to home)

Malus is a calm cat at home but hate to go outside specially vet!
When he saw his special carrying bag, he got where I’m going to take him and immediately hide behind his box! And when the Surgeon wanted to see him ,he turned to a LION!!! (I think! )And 4 nurses to keep him calm!
Screamiiiiiiiiiinnnnnggggggggggg ……….
And I had to left him there……. 😢😢😢
So this is the reason that I cannot concentrate to sketching.
Waiting for his return to home, in healthy condition❤️❤️❤️
He is my best sketch partner!!!!❤️❤️❤️
Here is his face in the car, little nervous!