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I’m back! 

Hi everyone! 

We are back! 😊

It was supposed to take a short break but 2 month had passed already. 

Thank you so much for your kind comments and mails to me(us)❤️ 

Honestly I had spend busy time and lazy time during the past 2 month😊  My mind and my pen were not cooperating each other so I decided to stop sketching until I feel I need to do that…. And it happened! 😁

Although it may not be everyday but  I will continue to looking at life thrue sketching. Of course with assistance of  ( better to say : bossing ! ) Malus😁🐈

“Violet, please let me speak to dear freinds too!”

“Ok Malus, your turn!😃”

Helllooooo everyone! So happy to be with all of you ❤️

Long time haven’t been here and I’m so glad now and can’t stop smiling!

Ok, today’s sketch is tulips that Violet has decorated on the table!  

Today is first of March and Violet bought those tulips , an early welcoming to spring!🌷

Wish you all dear freinds a happy happy Murch!🌷🌷🌷



Hi everyone!
Again after many days delay!!!! here is what Violet has sketched for today!
Tulips that we have on the table now❤️
“Violet, what is going on with you? Too much delay in you posts! ”

“Sorry Malus! Will do my best! ”
“I hope so! ”
Have a great weekend dear friends and will see you on Monday! 😃❤️

One day delay!!!


Hi everyone!

Yesterday , Violet had guests and she couldn’t post her painting at all!!(=^ェ^=)

Here is her today’s painting: tulips for all of you ❤(=^ェ^=)❤

(Colored pencil)