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Autumn View


Maidenhair trees in autumn 🍂 I love maidenhair trees specially in spring and autumn 🍂Also love  this view and love to walk in this road every autumn and spring🍂🍁

Autumn colours


Autumn In Garden


Today I found this view in a garden near my home ! Excited to see Autumn colours and just a quick sketch of what I saw today😃🍂🍁



Autumn is here with all her beauty❤

I went for the walk today and found acorns under the trees❤ Collect some of them for decorating at home and also for sketching😊

Here is what I sketched for today:    souvenir from Autumn, acorns❤

White Birch


It’s summer here.Hot and sunny everyday.  Need to refresh my mind and just chose a photo of winter time !Drew white brich  landscape (^_^)/

(Coloured pencil drawing)