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Tea Party♡


Hi everyone !

Violet has arranged a tea party for today! She has baked cheese cake too(=^ェ^=)

would be happy to share with all of you dear friends ❤

(Doron , Poppy don’t be late😃 . Doron  , you can have a hot lemon tea too😃)


“Don’t worry Malus , you can have some cheese too! “

Doron Green Tea!


Doron, an artist in WordPress(Doronart.wordpress.com) explain about his green tea in my “Today’s Tea”post .He normally likes his tea with ginger but it seems he prefer today’s tea with a slice of lemon swimming inside! 😃 I’m sending you a brunch of mint too just because they are so nice with lemons😃

Today’s Tea!


I love to put a slice of orange  or lemon or mint in my tea sometimes❤  Today’s tea was with orange ❤  which one do you prefer with tea? 😃

Coffee Time😃


Nothing better than a cup of coffee  while I’m reading book or newspaper! For today, some chocolates too! ( Ah, I know , chocolates ONLY FOR TODAY😁)

Tea Time


Here is what I sketched for today😃Lemon and sage tea ,perfect for a cold day❤



What I bought for today’s tea time!❤❤❤😁 of course I didn’t take them all by myself😁😁😁

I chose Framboise cake that is my preference taste!❤❤❤