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Quick sketch


Hi everyone!
Today’s Violet quick sketch is a blueberry muffin that She had in Starbucks! She said that’s perfect with Christmas blend coffee!
“Violet, what’s this small notebook? Who is this cat!?”

“Ah, is it cute, Malus? I’ve bought it today ! Don’t you think you need a sunglass like this cat? I think it should be very nice specially with red frame for you!”



Hi everyone!
Today’s Violet sketch is her favorite sweet, waffle!
She loves to have them with a cup of coffee!
For today she had a special one in cafe, warm triple berry waffle .
A quick sketch of that before cream melts!

Violet, any cream for me?

Quick sketch

Hi everyone!
Here is today’s violet sketch!
A quick sketch of Macaron box that has bought it today!
And a photo of me enjoying sunshine again !

Ah, my mustaches are so long! I didn’t know that!!!!

Japan , Tokyo


Here is a Japanese confectionery’s shop in Tokyo ,Japan.

Sketched of a photo that I took before😃